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Amber Rose Shows Off Her Cute ‘Wizbud’ Belly

Hey. Hey y’all. Remember when Wiz Khalifa denied that his fiance Amber Rose was pregnant?  All those years months weeks ago?  Yeah. We never believed him either.  But now that Operation Deny is over, it’s time for belly pics! Amber posted this picture via Instagram of her growing belly, referring to her unborn babe as ‘Wizbud’.

Amber Rose belly pic Amber Rose Shows Off Her Cute Wizbud Belly

Good morning Rosebuds & Rosestuds Our lil wizbud Is growing so fast icon wink Amber Rose Shows Off Her Cute Wizbud Belly

Awww cute!  And it seems she went ahead and resumed the blonde locks as well.  I really DO wonder what the baby will look like too. Seems like it shouldn’t be too long before we find out!

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