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Tyrese Lands Mentoring Gig For Future Filmmakers

If not for Twitter, I think Tyrese’s credibility would be a lot higher in my book. But alas, it is not.  Tyrese managed to link up with Sprite to become a mentor for their Sprite Films filmmakers contest.  The contest gives budding filmmakers a chance at to have their short films released theatrically and links the young contestants with a celebrity mentor every year.  This year, Tyrese is the chosen one, according to The Huffington Post.

Tyrese Gibson CinemaCon Awards Vegas Tyrese Lands Mentoring Gig For Future Filmmakers

“The gist of the stuff that I was telling them was, we are as dreamers, perception creators and the world is an empty canvas waiting on new thoughts to think. And however way you get them out, whether it’s through clothes, whether it’s through technology, music, filmmaking, the world is waiting for us to create those new perceptions and concepts,” he continued.

Those ARE wise words.  I know I’m not the only one who is tired of this trend of Hollywood remakes and wishes for more original content.  Tyrese seems to be of the same thought too, because he’s working on making his way into the director’s seat soon: 

“I told two people already that I don’t want anything for Christmas, I just want to be put through film school,” he added. “I just want a four or five month course and I just want to get out of there, because I’m a fast learner.”

“I’ve been around cameras for many, many years and I just want to understand the basics. I pretty much know what to do and how to do it; I just want to understand specific questions. So that whatever I’m doing it comes from a place of knowledge.”

Film school? Yes. Four or five month completion? I’m worried, Ty.

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