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Mike Tyson Warns 50 Cent About The Business Of Boxing

I gotta give props to 50 Cent for taking on a fairly unique business venture, in a world where a lot of people pursue a perfume and/or clothing business.  If you don’t know, 50 Cent has gotten into the boxing promotion business with the help of his first client, Floyd Mayweather Jr. But boxing legend Mike Tyson discussed 50‘s new business deal but offered some words of warning, according to Boxing Scene.

“I wish 50 Cent the best luck in the world with the endeavor that he’s doing, but this is something that 50 Cent has to know when you’re dealing with something like boxing and you’re dealing with human beings. We calling it peddling the flesh. Even though you’re paying them, you’re still dealing in flesh. Life in general is very short and unpredictable but its more unpredictable than it is short. So you have to understand that when you’re dealing with human beings, you’re dealing with the probability that anything happening,” Tyson said.

Umm. Anyone else get the feeling Mike was trying to warn 50 about getting in trouble with the wrong people? Like the kind that will cause physical harm if something doesn’t go according to plan?  Maybe it’s just me…but then again, Mike continued on with more warnings:

“And you also have to know this about boxing. It’s the only business in the world, the only legalized business, where everything is not always on the table. It should be taken over by the government. 50 is a rap star, 50 is an entertainer, 50 is an entrepreneur. He doesn’t really know the ins and outs of boxing. He probably knows what Floyd tells him, but once he gets in this arena, everyone that was ever his friend on the other side is [now] his enemy. Their job is to decimate him financially and get him out of the business.

Damn Mike. 50, watch your back!

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