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If you’re like me, sometimes you sit and wonder what happened to such-and-such from that movie. Lela Rochon, for example, use to be the face and the body of black films, her most infamous role was playing Sunshine in Harlem Nights, and of course she’s even more famous for her role as Robin in Waiting to Exhale. After getting married, she kind of fell off the scene doing a few TV roles here and there.

Well, Lela Rochon and her children hit the red carpet at the 3rd Annual My Brother Charlie Family Fun Fest Benefiting The HollyRod Foundation, and now we can see why she’s been away. Family!

[Lela Rochon, Asia Rochon Fuqua, Brando]

Other blast from the past included Babyface, Mark Curry, Blair Underwood, and Grant Hill. Holly Robinson-Peete and her daughter Ryan hit the red carpet, too; plus Laila Ali along with her husband and their beautiful babies attended, and Tamia and Grant Hill brought their beautiful kids along…

[Holly Robinson Peete, Ryan Peete]

[Laila Ali, Curtis Cunway, Curtis Muhammad, Sydney J]

[Tamia, Grant Hill, Lael Rose, Myla Grace]

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