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POLICE REPORT: Evelyn Lozada Flees Car With 3″ Gash; Hides In Neighbors Yard

 POLICE REPORT: Evelyn Lozada Flees Car With 3 Gash; Hides In Neighbors YardThis is serious! I know some are questioning if this is a publicity stunt, but this sounds like a horrible case of domestic violence. We are talking about a 3″ gash on someone’s famous face. Here is a copy of the police report and what was reported to the arresting Officer, Davie, by both Evelyn and Chad:

At approximately 1910 hours on today’s date, Evelyn returned home from shopping and began taking the items she purchased into the house. While taking out the groceries, Evelyn located a Wal-Green’s receipt in the vehicle’s trunk with a charge for a box of condoms.

The two then sat inside of their Black Smart Car that was parked in the driveway directly in front of the house. They began talking about the sales receipt and their marriage. As they were talking [Chad Johnson] became upset and without [Evelyn’s] permission grabbed her and head butted her on forehead causing a laceration. Johnson began screaming and [Evelyn] attempted to calm Johnson down. He began screaming, “I don’t give a f*ck. I don’t give a f*ck about my career. [Evelyn] then fled on foot to a neighbor’s house to get away from Johnson.

Johnson began driving the neighborhood looking for [Evelyn]. She hid at neighbor’s house until they arrived home. At this time they called the police.

I [Officer Davie] observed [Evelyn] to have a laceration on the center of her forehead approximately 3” in length.

I [Officer Davie] responded to [address] when I met with Johnson. Johnson confirmed that he and [Evelyn] were arguing in regards to a sales receipt. During the argument [Evelyn] began yelling, “F*ck it!” She then head butted Johnson. This cause the laceration on her forehead. [Evelyn] seeing how upset Evelyn was went for a drive trying to give her time to calm down.

Evelyn has been released from the hospital after receiving stitches. That’s not good at all!

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  1. Oooook now, this sh*t just real fo’ real. Word on the street is that Miami cut him from the team already. This is not going to be a great year from this brotha-he better hope it’ll even be good.

    • He lost both of his jobs. On the field and on TV *sigh*

  2. I am sorry about Evelyn, and I’m sure she wouldn’t head butt this man because she love the beauty that she possess. This man think
    ‘ s he’ s above everybody. And everybody is beneath him. The companies should stop paying all of these overrated sports figures , hitting them in the pocket,every time there is domestic abuse;dui’s; and what ever else poor innocent citizens are charge with. Thereare a lot of people wish they had the opportunity that these unattracted losers have. They should be happy these
    these women look there way.

  3. Both of them are immature imbeciles. He is such a moron for allowing himself to loose his career.

  4. I know im a 23 year old and all but once man abuse me im pressin
    chargess and then im leavin his no good broke down ass

  5. This is terrible…gosh this is so out of character for the both of them! I mean damn she knew his ass wasnt faithful when she married him and he knows damn well as a man you dont head butt ANYONE! let alone your newly wed wife! I feel bad for the lives being turned upside down but women need to stop thinking a RING is going to change a man because its not..he already told her what it was when it was before it even happened.

  6. Lol,thats what he’s dumb ass get for marrying a loud slick whore, that bitch trick him into thinking that he can be with her and other bitches to as long as she likes the girl, dumb ass should have married one of his babies MoMa’s,

  7. Everlyn lozada news is boring.

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