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EJECTED!! Vivica A. Fox Nearly Kicked Out Of US Open For Obnoxious Cheering

We’ve all been there. At a sports match or some kind of event where your child/friend/family member is playing or performing their heart out.  Be it on the field or even at church, sometimes people get to hooting and hollering so loudly that they nearly get kicked out.  Well, that’s what happened to Vivica A. Fox during this past US Open, according to USA Today.  

Vivica Fox US Open EJECTED!! Vivica A. Fox Nearly Kicked Out Of US Open For Obnoxious Cheering

The actress was at the late-night classic cheering on Venus and, according to reports from @BenRothenberg and others, became noisily invested in the match as Venus pushed it deep into a third set. Photos show her hanging in the Moet suite before the match, so you do the math.

Frequently during the third set, fans watching at home could hear a woman yelling out during points. It was Vivica. “Trust me on that one,” wrote Rothenberg.

One time she cheered so loud in the middle of a point that it drew a stern rebuke from the chair umpire. He didn’t knew it was Vivica making the noise, but we knew the stripper fromIndependence Day was the one causing trouble.

“The stripper from Independence Day???” LMAO!! SO MUCH SHADE!!! Oh but there’s more!!!!

“NO IT WAS NO. NO IT WAS NOT!,” Vivica shouted at another shot that was called wide, according to the New York Times’ Rothenberg. Venus challenged and “Vivica was right,” he said.

When Venus broke in the third set, Vivica was “dancing with a glass of champagne raised high,” says Rothenberg. She also “punched the air like it owes her money.”



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One Comment

  1. There is a right way and a wrong way to act an event such as the US Open and Vivica acted the wrong way. Damn, if the first lady can like she has some sense at a prestigious tennis match, then why does Vivica feel like she can’t do the same!? Crazy! BTW, you know I had to caption this photo on my blog and link it back to you :)

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