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Black Pastors Call President Obama “JUDAS” Over Marriage Equality

Rev. William Owens has some harsh words for President Obama since the President endorsed same sex marriage. According to Williams, the leader of the Coalition of African-American Pastors, President Obama’s endorsement of marriage equality is a betrayal to the black community. Williams also adds that many blacks are outraged and believe this endorsement will lead to the break down of the black family.

Mr. President, I’m not going to stand with you, and we have thousands of others across this country that are not going to stand with you with this foolishness. For the president to bow to the money, as Judas did for Jesus Christ, is a disgrace, and we’re ashamed. We feel Mr. Obama because of the money has bowed to the money people, the homosexual community. We’re the ones who put him where he is. Where was  the gay community when he was running for president? The Civil Rights Movement opened the door for him to become president. At this point he’s pandering to the homosexual community. He’s forgotten where he came from, forgotten who put him there.”

Wow, he said President Obama forgot where he came from! Those are some fighting words.  Why is it, that people only see bigotry through a one way mirror? Didn’t the civil rights movement open doors for all people to receive civil rights. What black community is he referring to? I support President Obama, do you? I do believe it was the Civil Right’s generation that supported Hillary Clinton in 08, and received a huge backlash from the black community.  Now they made him. GT*OH!

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