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Almost Friday Funnies: Grandma Fights Off Burglar With Barbecue Fork

I really DO try to wait until Friday to share the particular funny stories but sometimes you just have to jump on something that’s funny as soon as you can!  This story comes from the people of Fox 26 in Houston, Texas.  72 year old Margaret Jackson fought off a would-be burglar at her daughter’s house, using a pair of scissors and a barbecue fork.

As of right now, the police haven’t made an arrest but that doesn’t mean the teenage burglar got off Scott-free.  Mrs. Jackson gives a detailed account to the news, re-enacting how she fought him off, which resulted in the teen getting stabbed in the neck! Ouch!  *Kevin Hart voice* You gone learn today!  Check out the video below: 

Houston weather, traffic, news | FOX 26 | MyFoxHouston

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