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Speech-LESS! Michelle Obama Depicted AS Naked Slave

Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in Celebrity Music, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos, Politics | Comments Off

Michele Obama Spain Magazine Speech LESS! Michelle Obama Depicted AS Naked Slave

I just don’t know what to say. *shrugs* Get the details when you continue, while I collect my thoughts…

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Uh Oh! Lindsay Lohan Blames Suge Knight’s ‘Son’ Andrew For Burglary!!

Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Lies, Celebrity News | Comments Off

Man, listen. Maybe Lindsay Lohan doesn’t understand who Suge Knight IS, but someone in her camp needs to tell her to stay down.  Then again, this person claiming to be Suge Knight‘s son may not know who he really is either!  The troubled actress has been questioned by police in the theft of watches and sunglasses of a wealthy Sam Madrid, but Lindsay is pointing the finger at Suge Knight‘s ‘son’ Andrew, according to TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan Andrew Knight TMZ Uh Oh! Lindsay Lohan Blames Suge Knights Son Andrew For Burglary!!

Apparently, $10,000 worth of items were taken from Sam Madrid‘s home, but the items were returned to him by Andrew and a friend.  Andrew says that Lindsay is the one who handed him a bag with a t-shirt which contained the items wrapped up in them.  Sam then contacted Lindsay, who says that Andrew was the true culprit.  Even though Andrew is claiming to be Suge Knight’s son but has yet to prove it, the police are only believing one person’s story… 

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[PHOTOS] Tichina Arnold Gets Married In Hawaii

Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Family, Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity Magazine, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Wedding | Comments Off

Who doesn’t love a good wedding?  Actress Tichina Arnold recently shared her wedding photos with the good people of Essence Magazine.  Tichina married Rico Hines, a men’s basketball assistant coach at St John’s university, on August 18th in Honolulu, Hawaii.  This is Tichina’s second marriage and as such, she opted to wear a champagne colored gown, as opposed to a traditional white wedding gown.

Tichina Arnold wedding [PHOTOS] Tichina Arnold Gets Married In Hawaii

They also had a few more personal touches to their day:

“We decided to forego lots of the traditional elements such as a wedding cake and a white dress for me,” says Arnold, who was determined to do thing her way. “We both wanted a wedding that was reflective of our personalities and our normal everyday lifestyles — and that is good friends, good food and good fun.”

Check out their special day, when you continue… 

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Karrueche & Draya Really Are Friends…

Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in Celebrity BFFs, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos | 2 comments

Someone asked on twitter, how can Draya Michele, Chris Brown’s ex, be friends with Karrueche, Chris Brown’s current girlfriend. My answer: Why can’t they be friends?

Draya Karrueche Together Without Chris Brown 3 Karrueche & Draya Really Are Friends...

Are you friends with your partner’s ex partner???

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Zoe Saldana Covers Gotham Magazine; Talks Fashion

Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos | Comments Off

Zoe Saldana Covers Gaotham Magazine Zoe Saldana Covers Gotham Magazine; Talks Fashion

Zoe Saldana talks fashion in the latest issue of Gotham. Zoe Saldana usually stuns on the red carpet, and is not afraid to switch up her styles. It’s hard defining her style because it’s always evolving. Her love of fashion is based on a family legacy:

My grandmother and great-grandmother were seamstresses their whole lives, so when my grandmother moved to New York in the ‘60s, she worked for

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