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Mr. Marcus, Porn Star, Starts Syphilis OutBreak By Hiding Test Results

Posted by on Aug 26, 2012 in Breaking News, Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Lies, Celebrity News | 4 comments

Mr Marcus Syphilis Outbreak Mr. Marcus, Porn Star, Starts Syphilis OutBreak By Hiding Test ResultsIf you’re like me, you may not have known that there was a syphilis outbreak in the porn industry that shut down some major production studios in LA for 10 days. Apparently Mister Marcus, a famous porn veteran of 18 years, hid his positive syphilis test results in order to keep working. Mr. Marcus “believed” he was no longer infected after getting a penicillin shot. The star reportedly waited the required 10 days before returning to work, but was still infected with the STD. Because of his deceitful actions, an outbreak occurred. So far nine porn stars and counting have been diagnosed with syphilis, all stemming from Mr. Marcus‘ actions. The three women he “worked” with while hiding his test results have all been diagnosed with syphilis, too.

In tears, Mr. Marcus had this to say:

I tried to cover it up… Because I said it was like the scarlet letter. It’s the word. Syphilis, whoa, Mr. Marcus, syphilis? Mr. Marcus, the one I worked with? The one that everybody works with? The one that’s been in this industry forever? I have to live with this, no one else does. I’m very sorry. I did not think that this would come out like this.

Keep reading to find out how this all happened:

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