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Alicia Keys Gets “Edgy” For Album Cover Art

Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Celebrity Album Release, Celebrity Music, Celebrity Photos | 4 comments

Alicia Keys’ new album, Girl On Fire, is slated to hit stores November 27th. Although this album’s art work is edgy and bold, I sure hope the album is, too. It’s been known since 2007 that I am not a huge fan of Alicia Keys’ music. She has some hits I can jam, but for the most part her songs just seem empty, glossy, and too polished for my taste buds. So I’m hoping this new edgy look is a sign of something different, deeper, darker…BOLD.

Alicia Keys Girl On Fire1 Alicia Keys Gets Edgy For Album Cover Art

My friend thinks I don’t like Alicia Keys’ music because of the Swizz Beatz situation, that’s so not true!!! I still jam Fantasia’s When I See You at least once a day #noshade. So I had to dig deep

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