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Shut-Up: Ryan Lochte Dating K Michelle???

According to rumors from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, singer K Michelle is dating a white olympic swimmer. Word on the tea, is that the swimmer in question is the grill toting, Ryan Lochte. If these rumors are true, I wouldn’t be mad…AT ALL!¬†I knew there was something about Ryan Lochte that I like, other than him sporting a grill at the Olympics.

To add fuel to the rumor fire, K Michelle has been tweeting her “Pooh” words of encouragement.

K Michelle Tweets Ryan Lochte Shut Up: Ryan Lochte Dating K Michelle???

I think it’s a clever publicity stunt, maybe the two just have the same publicist, but if not, I am SHOCKED to say the least. Oh but wait there is more, now pics of the two sitting together have surfaced. Who would want us to believe these rumors are true???

K Michelle Ryan Lochte Dating Couple Shut Up: Ryan Lochte Dating K Michelle???

I usually don’t post a lot of tea, but this is just one of those stories I had to share. I don’t know if the rumors are true! I will definitely reach out to K Michelle’s publicist to see if I can get an answer, but if nothing else, K Michelle¬†certainly is a huge Ryan Lochte fan.

K Michelle Tweets Ryan Lochte1 Shut Up: Ryan Lochte Dating K Michelle???

I am going to sip on this until I get a “NO” confirmation. I need more pics!!!

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