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Ryan Lochte Rocks His Grill With His Gold

Can you believe Ryan Lochte couldn’t rock his grill on the podium at the Olympics in the London? Can you get any more American than an ice grill that resembles the American flag? Ryan Lochte, US Olympic Swimmer, beat out Michael Phelps to the win the 400 IM with a new world record. He wanted to sport a new world look with his gold medal…

Ryan Lochte Grill Gold Ryan Lochte Rocks His Grill With His Gold

Unfortunately for Lochte, Team USA threatened to strip him of his gold if he stepped onto the podium with his ice grill. However, Lochte was allowed to take pics with his red, white, and blue bling after the podium ceremony…

Ryan Lochte Red White Blue Grill Ryan Lochte Rocks His Grill With His Gold

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One Comment

  1. People always criticize successful people. Hey if a Rap Star or an Olympic Medalist wants to wear, its their money, its their life, its their prerogative. Plus, its part of their persona. When you reach the heights that these cats have achieved, They are creating an image, they themselves are a product. And Im here to tell you, people are buying or else these celebrities would not be in business. People buy in because there is a need for what these artists do and what they represent, and yes, even their fashion statements.

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