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Ray J LOLs Kim K. Causing Twitter Firestorm

In the tweet of the night…while you were sleep, reality empress Kim Kardashian sent out what was a simple positive tweet about moving forward in life to which singer/actor Ray J replied, “LOL”.

Ray J Tweets Ray J LOLs Kim K. Causing Twitter Firestorm

We can all assume that tweet was made as a snicker at Kim K. who has built her career based off her past with Ray J. You can say what you want about Kim K. turning a negative into a positive, but it seems like Ray J. will forever get the last laugh. Even if Kanye West comes at him with a diss record like he did with Kris Humprhies (who also got the last laugh) Ray J can bring up the sextape which is all over the internet. Unfortunately, pics from the flick are resurfacing all over Twitter again.

The night did not go without some Kim K. stans tweeting diss remarks back at Ray J putting his career in R.I.P. (2006-2006). You can say what you want about Ray J, but he’s been in the game since the early 90s and always finds a way to be in the spotlight.

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  1. Right?

    Im no Ray J fan but he’s still working so I dont see his career going anywhere… That’s a business man, Ask Diddy.

  2. flag as inappropriate/spam
    Kim Kardashian was famous because of Paris Hilton… Ray J leaked the sex tape and tried to get some shine …..but it only made Kim Kardashian more famous.

    Kim K made FORBES LIST at #7.

    Has Ray J made the Forbes list ? What other pornstars made Forbes List?*crickets*

    SO, RAYJ needs to move on with his bitter self & his 1Million Followers.

    …decades later & he’s still Brandy’s brother.

  3. He still brought her to the limelight. She owes him 10% of everything she makes.

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