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Gladys Knight: Paris Jackson ‘Would Have No Teeth!’

As it seems the Jackson Family drama has come to an end, at least for now, with the return of Katherine Jackson, the discussions about the entire situation continue to go on.  I know personally it seemed all out of the blue and extremely volatile within a short period of time.  But a lot of people have spoken on the way Paris Jackson allegedly spoke to her aunt Janet Jackson.  While visiting with the folks of CBSThe Talk, singer Gladys Knight had a few words to share about the whole ordeal.

Gladys Knight The Talk Gladys Knight: Paris Jackson Would Have No Teeth!

Being in the spotlight herself, Gladys says she does understand the need to control Paris because, after all, she IS a Jackson and that family is one of the most famous of all celebrity families. They just can’t go around spilling all the tea without any filters.  Gladys even steps it up a notch and lets everyone know that if it was HER household, Paris wouldn’t been talking back and cussing to her elders without some repercussions!  Check out the clip below: 


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  1. If they were his biological children, they would have respect for their elders. She look more and more like her mom everday.

    • Does it really truly matter if their his biological children or not? Do you feel the same about Madonna, the Pitts & all the countless other people on the planet who have children who are not biologically there’s? Oh, you dont have to respect your elder if their of no relation to you, really. I think that your statement is sad, its also a reflection of a person who is either ignorant or just isnt thinking clearly before they speak, cause I know one thing, relation has nothing to do with respect. And on another note, how do you know their not Michael’s biological children? Michael & Debbie said they were and thats all that matters. Who are we to ponder such things, besides these are children we are referring to here, why should their existence and how they got here ever even be a topic, its disrespectful to the children. Children are innocent and gifts, lets try to respect that and show a little more compasion when it comes to all children & lead by example.

      • Hey Mrs.Grapevine, just wanted to throw you a little friendly debate jab, I told you Paris should be put in her place & that a child has a place and needs to be corrected when they get out of their place. Mrs. Knight told it honestly, Janet was doing what a Aunt is suppose to do cause like she said if that was me, uh honey lil mama would have gotten it Children, particulary in the black community, are taught to respect their elders, period. I know you said something to the effect of Paris speaking up & that she should know or needs to know whats going on with her money, and I said this didnt have anything to do with money ( at least on the familys part ) it was about paris’s mouth & her being disrespectful, & that Jan & her siblings were stepping in to protect & care for their mother and what Paris did was totally out of line and disrespectful, it started a media frenzy & caused Mrs. Jackson more problems she had than when she left home. She was disrespectful to Janet, and Janet did the right thing, cause that’s what your aunt is suppose to do, put your little fresh tale right back in your place, a childs place. And whether were a fan of this familys music or not, truth is they are music royalty and one of the most famous families in history, and therefore they must protect their families privacy fiercly, and their has to be an understanding of that and who they are, so that shes knows that she can not just put any old thing out there like that to the world, because you are a Jackson, Truth. And like she said, all families have dissagrements, thats nothing, but they were doing the right thing by getting on her. And hey, better them than Mrs.Gladys, cause it sounds like Mrs.Gladys dont play honey, OK!

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