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You can’t log-on on twitter without noticing some dumbness popping off everyday…

Charlamagne Tha God the host of Breakfast Club Morning Show on Power 105.1 in New York was attacked yesterday morning by three men. According to Necole Bitchie, this all started one week ago when a “wannabe rapper” approached Charlamagne for a drop. A drop is when a radio station or a celebrity says the name of your group, radio station, or blog to help promote it. It’s an endorsement basically. Charlemagne informs the “rapper” that he needs to come up to the radio station for a drop instead of asking on the street. A week later this guy shows up 5 in the morning (5 AM) to ask Charlamagne about that drop again, this time with two other men and a camera. The three men attack Charlamagne on the street on his way to work, and Charlamagne runs for his life. All of this is caught on tape and ends up on World Star Hip-Hop. But Why?

That’s just how thirsty some people are! Charlamagne did the right thing by running. He has my respect!!!

But in all honesty this is about more than a drop, I wonder who is really behind this attack? Who mad? 

 Charlamagne is in good spirits about the incident and even pokes fun at himself. His sense of humor is lives on…




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