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PHOTO: Blue Ivy Spotted!! + Beyoncé Sports A New ‘Do: Love It Or Leave It?

I think Bey may have been feeling a little nostalgic for her Destiny’s Child days because she’s recently went back to the blond box braids she sported back then.  The Daily Mail caught some shots of her in New York, rocking the new look.  Also, there’s been a picture going around on the web, allegedly of little Blue Ivy Carter.  I don’t want to go ahead and say that it IS her…BUT there’s a photo of Bey carrying Blue Ivy around Manhattan below…and the baby is wearing the same outfit.  Plus, those cheeks are straight Jay-Z!! Compare and decide for yourself:

Beyonce Blue Ivy PHOTO: Blue Ivy Spotted!! + Beyoncé Sports A New Do: Love It Or Leave It?

You know, I understand the convenience of braids.  It gives your hair a rest from constant styling.  It’s easy to maintain. But I’m not a fan of how it looks on her.  But maybe it’s just me! More pics when you continue…

Beyonce new do 2 PHOTO: Blue Ivy Spotted!! + Beyoncé Sports A New Do: Love It Or Leave It?Beyonce new do PHOTO: Blue Ivy Spotted!! + Beyoncé Sports A New Do: Love It Or Leave It?

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  1. Someone is getting fired at that store as we speak…

  2. Blue Ivy is a lil angel. What a cutey pie. GOD BLESS HER LIL HEART :)

  3. Thank you Mrs.Grapevine for simply updating us on Bey and beautiful Blue Ivy Carter. This is one of the few blog sites that hasn’t tried to defame Beyonce and start this surrogate nonsense. Is is quite apparent that this woman carried her baby girl and gave birth. Anyways, the braids are kinda cute but I’m used to seeing her with styled hair.

  4. Is that an alien symbiote attached to her dome?

  5. Beyonce is starting to remind me of the late Michael Jackson. Remember when Michael used to covered his kids’ faces? And he did it so people wouldn’t recognized them when he wasn’t around and so they could have some what of a normal life. I think that’s why Beyonce always have Blue Ivy’s fave cover when she is out in public. With Beyonce and jay-Z’s status, it is gonna be hard for that baby to have a normal life.

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