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Basketball Wives LA: Hide Your Flaws Or Flaunt Your Body?

Photos of the cast of Basketball Wives LA at Brooke Bailey’s (rumored new cast member) pool party in their bikinis and swimsuits, surfaced…AND Of course everyone has an opinion. I have been reading some of the comments on twitter, and WELL some of them are just mean. If someone is comfortable in their own skin, who are we to ruin it for them? So I ask, Should you hide your flaws, orĀ  Should you embrace your imperfections?

Basketball Wives Pool Party Bikini Laura Govan Basketball Wives LA: Hide Your Flaws Or Flaunt Your Body?

I think everyone has an opinion, so eff it, and do what makes you happy…if you’re comfortable then let people talk!!! BTW, most women have stretch marks and cellulite, so there isn’t much they can say…The men obviously don’t mind.

I probably would have been dressed more like Malaysia…but that’s just me.

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  1. People really think that the heavily photoshopped pictures they see of celebrities are REALLY how women are made up. I hope none of those ladies let the negative comments get to them. The standards of the general public have been crafted to being too high.

    • Sadly the general public have their share of body issues, too. An honest dialogue is better than the hate.

  2. This is very good.

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