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Shut-Up: Ryan Lochte Dating K Michelle???

Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity News, Juicy Gossip | Comments Off

According to rumors from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, singer K Michelle is dating a white olympic swimmer. Word on the tea, is that the swimmer in question is the grill toting, Ryan Lochte. If these rumors are true, I wouldn’t be mad…AT ALL! I knew there was something about Ryan Lochte that I like, other than him sporting a grill at the Olympics.

To add fuel to the rumor fire, K Michelle has been tweeting her “Pooh” words of encouragement.

K Michelle Tweets Ryan Lochte Shut Up: Ryan Lochte Dating K Michelle???

I think it’s a clever publicity stunt, maybe the two just have the same publicist, but if not, I am SHOCKED to say the least. Oh but wait there is more, now pics of the two sitting together have surfaced. Who would want us to believe these rumors are true???

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PHOTOS: Stevie J & Joseline Still Together; Love & Hip-Hop ATL Goes To New York

Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Events, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos, TV Shows | 2 comments

Yesterday we saw pics of Stevie J with his new girl, Tammie Grant, who is reportedly pregnant by “the man of many faces”. Fast forward and less than 24 hours later, Stevie J is in New York with his “fiance”, Joseline Hernandez. BTW, Joseline looks pretty with the long and silky, maybe it was the short wig all this time making her look more like Jose. IDK…

The cast of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta along with their “producer” Mona Scott Young, attend a press reception in New York  with a Q&A session, where Joseline reveals that she is very much in love with Stevie J, “I do whatever my daddy (Stevie J) tells me to do.”

 Stevie J and Joseline PHOTOS: Stevie J & Joseline Still Together; Love & Hip Hop ATL Goes To New York

Well there you have it! More pics of the cast including, Lil Scrappy, K Michelle, and Mona Scott Young. K Michelle looks really pretty in blue. BTW, She likes her a thug or two, so maybe she and Lil Scrappy can get together for a spin-off...just a thought!

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