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Alicia Keys Goes Short

Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in Celebrity News, Celebrity Twitter | 2 comments

Guess summer is inspiring quite a few new looks this year!  Alicia Keys shared this photo of herself on her Twitter, sporting her new short ‘do.  Alicia tweeted “Look what I done did!!;-))) its an ?#aknewday? in EVERY way!!!! ;-)))).”

Alicia Keys new do Alicia Keys Goes Short

I personally love it. Curly, straight, even the earrings and outfits. She looks fab!  So what do you think?  Are you feeling her new look?

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Morgan Freeman Calls Will Smith Movie ‘Stupid’ & Wants Marijuana Legalized

Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Humor, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity News, Celebrity Quotes, Movies | Comments Off

You always know when an older person is in that stage of life where they just don’t really give a damn and speak their mind. Morgan Freeman has firmly planted his flag in the land of IsaywhateverIwantville and will not be moved.  He recently was interviewed by Newsweek about his upcoming film The Dark Knight Rises and a host of other topics.  One topic they brought up was rumors that Black Panther, a Black superhero, just may become a movie.  Morgan quickly reminded us that there WAS a superhero movie starring a black actor, Will Smith. And he was not entertained:

morgan freeman Morgan Freeman Calls Will Smith Movie Stupid & Wants Marijuana Legalized

Marvel’s talking about creating the first Hollywood film centered on a black superhero, Black Panther. Symbolically, it could be a big deal for black actors. 

Well, if the movie is done well. Will Smith did one [Hancock] that was kind of silly. I don’t know why they even did that movie. But if they do Black Panther with some class and some creativity, I think it would go over big-time.

He basically said Will just wasted some movie film. DAMN.  Morgan also went on to talk about the criminalization of marijuana and how it was just a horrible, horrible idea: 

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Ray J LOLs Kim K. Causing Twitter Firestorm

Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity Humor, Celebrity: Kim Kardashian, Juicy Bites, Juicy Gossip | 3 comments

In the tweet of the night…while you were sleep, reality empress Kim Kardashian sent out what was a simple positive tweet about moving forward in life to which singer/actor Ray J replied, “LOL”.

Ray J Tweets Ray J LOLs Kim K. Causing Twitter Firestorm

We can all assume that tweet was made as a snicker at Kim K. who has built her career based off her past with Ray J. You can say what you want about Kim K. turning a negative into a positive, but it seems like Ray J. will forever get the last laugh. Even if Kanye West comes at him with a diss record like he did with Kris Humprhies (who also got the last laugh) Ray J can bring up the sextape which is all over the internet. Unfortunately, pics from the flick are resurfacing all over Twitter again.

The night did not go without

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