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PHOTO: Blue Ivy Spotted!! + Beyoncé Sports A New ‘Do: Love It Or Leave It?

Posted by on Jul 18, 2012 in Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity Hair, Celebrity Kids, Celebrity News, Celebrity Sightings, Celebrity: Beyonce | 5 comments

I think Bey may have been feeling a little nostalgic for her Destiny’s Child days because she’s recently went back to the blond box braids she sported back then.  The Daily Mail caught some shots of her in New York, rocking the new look.  Also, there’s been a picture going around on the web, allegedly of little Blue Ivy Carter.  I don’t want to go ahead and say that it IS her…BUT there’s a photo of Bey carrying Blue Ivy around Manhattan below…and the baby is wearing the same outfit.  Plus, those cheeks are straight Jay-Z!! Compare and decide for yourself:

Beyonce Blue Ivy PHOTO: Blue Ivy Spotted!! + Beyoncé Sports A New Do: Love It Or Leave It?

You know, I understand the convenience of braids.  It gives your hair a rest from constant styling.  It’s easy to maintain. But I’m not a fan of how it looks on her.  But maybe it’s just me! More pics when you continue…

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Erykah Badu & Jill Scott Rocking Orange In Madrid

Posted by on Jul 18, 2012 in Celebrity Concert, Celebrity Events, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos | Comments Off

Erykah Badu and Jill Scott hit the stage in Madrid for two separate concert series just days apart. Erykah Badu was in Madrid as part of the 27th Annual Summers Villa de Madrid Festival, and Jill Scott rocked the stage at the Price Theatre. Check out a few pics of the soulful singers in Madrid.

Erykah Badu Concert Madrid Festival 3 Erykah Badu & Jill Scott Rocking Orange In Madrid

I see Jill Scott is back to her roots with the short and natural look, refreshing after the many wig changes on Vh1 Storytellers

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[VIDEO] Mob of 300 Teenagers Deface & Rob Wal-Mart Store

Posted by on Jul 18, 2012 in Ms. Toni Laughs and Rants, Read More Books | 1 comment

Listen. Stories like this make it really hard to even LIKE the teenagers of today.  This past Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida, a group of about 300 teenagers took over a local Wal-Mart, throwing food, robbing the store and shooting in the parking lot.  According to The Daily Mail, the teens are believed to have come from a party not far away, where one teen was allegedly shot in the leg.

Wal Mart smash mob [VIDEO] Mob of 300 Teenagers Deface & Rob Wal Mart Store

At this time the police haven’t made any arrests but if they do, they will be facing criminal charges. I have so many questions. Where are their parents?? What kind of party is able to contain 300 teens?? Why aren’t they at home?? *sigh* I can’t even fathom hanging out with that many people and just smashing mobbing it up like it’s the most natural thing to do.  And, of course, some of the teens posted the video to YouTube. LAWD. Check out the footage below

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