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Destiny’s Child Reunion Tour? Mathew Knowles Says Yes!

Posted by on Jul 6, 2012 in Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity News, Celebrity: Beyonce | Comments Off

This could probably count as a “Friday Funnies” post but this may actually be exciting for some people.  The Huffington Post sat down with music “titan” Mathew Knowles to discuss his new reality TV show project and Destiny’s Child.  And the likely possibility that there will be a reunion tour sometime in the future:

Beyonce and Matthew Knowles Destinys Child Reunion Tour? Mathew Knowles Says Yes!

Will there be a Destiny’s Child reunion tour to complement the two projects?

Not on the first release. It takes a year of planning to do these tours, but first it starts with the artist wanting to do it. And I think the ladies are still working happily in their solo careers. And I hope in the next five years that there is a reunion tour. I think it would be incredible. The hardest thing would be choosing which songs they’re going to do, because we would want to mix it up with solo hits and Destiny’s Child hits. We would have to throw away some number ones from off the set list [Laughs].

I don’t know about you, but I really imagine Mathew saying this while doing the *Birdman Handrub*.  Can you imagine how much of a cash cow that would be?  I’m also afraid of the stans of Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland meeting up.  Things could get ugly in the audience.  Mathew also took a moment to talk about his new granddaughter Blue Ivy

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