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Snoop Dogg Busted In Norway With Marijuana

I have so many questions, just by the title alone.  Why is Snoop Dogg in Norway in the first place?  And how is he still getting busted with weed?  Any why is he even taking it out of the U.S., especially since a lot of other countries aren’t very lenient on it?  Who knows, but according to MSN Snoop was busted at the airport with weed and a large amount of cash.

AES 068290 Snoop Dogg Busted In Norway With Marijuana

Apparently, Snoop was on his way to Kristiansand for a music festival when he was stopped at the airport.  Seems as though a sniffer-dog found the small amount of weed on him.  According to Norwegian law, they cannot name the suspect specifically but an “American artist” on his way to a music festival that was busted with weed kind of narrows the playing field.  I think he got off pretty easy though… 

Snoop was only fined about $8600 for his troubles.  Pretty lenient, considering his past with drugs.

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