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Nicki Minaj Pile On: I Thought They Do This Ish For The Fans…

All those fans who purchased tickets to see Nicki Minaj perform at the Hot 97 Summer Jam in Jersey, didn’t actually get to see Nicki Minaj perform. Why? Because Nicki Minaj canceled her set right before the performance. Why? Because Lil Wayne told her to. Why? Because Peter Rosenberg, the host of Hot 97 morning show called her music commercial while introducing other “real” hip-hop artists he looked forward to seeing at Summer Jam. I get that Peter Rosenberg wasn’t being very hospitable, talking trash about an artist the station invited to perform, but did he actually say something that wasn’t true?!?

I see the real Hip-Hop heads sprinkled in here. I see them. I know there are some chicks here waiting to sing ‘Starships’ later, I’m not talking to y’all right now.

Nicki Minaj Summer Jam Drama Foxy Brown Nicki Minaj Pile On: I Thought They Do This Ish For The Fans...

There has been a lot of attacks on Nicki Minaj (some of them warranted) but I don’t like when the industry piles on a particular artist. However, the best way to prove them wrong is to just do you. What Nicki Minaj should have done is gone out on that stage and KILLED it. Why? Because thousands of fans paid to see her perform regardless of Peter Rosenberg’s opinions. No matter what, don’t let the fans down. They are the ones that actually purchase the music. If they purchase it, Peter and all of Hot 97 will play it on the radio simply because it’s hot. And now, here we are again with another Nicki Minaj “tantrum” (as it will be described) with her “man-friend” Safaree threatening to punch Peter Rosenberg in the face via twitter:


I mean really, we’re punching people in the face because they don’t like Nicki Minaj’s music via twitter. Nicki Minaj is an artist, and she will have critics. BOTTOM LINE!
Yes, Peter Rosenberg is wrong for throwing shade at Nicki Minaj, but cancelling the performance while your man-friend sends out beat downs via social network, is not going to look good publicity wise. On top of that Nicki Minaj was suppose to bring out Foxy Brown, now Foxy will never get to perform again.
But wait there’s more, according to Necole Bitchie, Lil Kim has something to say about it, Lil Wayne has something to say, and Funkmaster Flex gives his two cents, as well…Check out more from the aftermath this morning, click here.

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One Comment

  1. Disrespectful! She shouldve went on that damn stage and killed it why is her team acting so soft like that let them talk smack thats entertainment man her fans wanted to see her perform and she punked out because her master told her to lol sad i thought they had tough skin i guess not

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