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DISCUSSION: Queen Latifah & Raven Symone Plead Fifth On Sexuality?

When both Queen Latifah and Raven Symone are asked about their sexuality, they both claim that who they date is a private matter, and on that note I agree. However that’s not the question being asked. Is being Gay really a private matter, or is this just a publicity tactic to avoid being labeled in Hollywood? Asking who you’re dating is a violation of privacy, and is up to each celebrity to reveal. But asking who you are, I believe is a fair game? Whether or not you state your sexuality publicly is always a choice, but why hide it when it’s no longer an issue, unless it’s an issue to the celebrity?

In other words, we all know Queen Latifah dated Jeanette Jenkins, we’ve seen too many pictures and too many celebrities have accidentally spilled the beans trying to dodge the question. By no means has Queen Latifah’s relationship hurt her career. In this day and age why do people hide their sexuality and say that it’s a private matter? Haven’t we all agreed that being gay or straight or in between is very much apart of who we are? Or do we still believe it’s an affliction? Does coming out of the closet change how people see you?  Sometimes we already know, and we’re just waiting for the person to say it aloud.

During a performance at Long Beach’s Lesbian & Gay Pride there was a lot of speculation that Queen Latifah was coming out of the closet, WRONG! According to Queen,

That definitely wasn’t the case,” she tells EW. “I’ve never dealt with the question of my personal life in public. It’s just not gonna happen. To me, doing a gay pride show is one of the most fun things. I know that the most important thing and the only thing I have to give is love. When people are going through hatred and bullying, the biggest thing to fight that is love,” she says. “So that’s all I encouraged my audience to do that night: to share their light and share their love. Period.

IDK, it seems hard to truly stand up for bullying when you’re not openly living your life. Believe me, I know it’s not the celebrity’s responsibility to stand up for every cause. But I think the best way to deal with hatred is to love, but to love proudly as you are. Especially when you have the opportunity to directly relate to the cause. I think the subject of sexuality is just still hard to talk about, especially in the black community because many of our elders simply see it as sin.

When Raven Symone is asked about her sexuality which is revealed by the National Enquirer, (I didn’t bother to post because it is a non-issue), she responds via twitter:

I’m living my PERSONAL life the way I’m happiest. I’m not one, in my 25 year career to disclose who I’m dating. and I shall not start now. My sexual orientation is mine, and the person I’m dating to know. I’m not one for a public display of my life. However that is my right as a HUMAN Being whether straight or gay. To tell or not to tell. As long as I’m not harming anyone. I am a light being made from love. And my career is the only thing I would like to put on display, not my personal life. Kisses!

Ok then, but why does it have to feel like a rant, like someone accused Raven of being a crackhead. Like it’s a dirty little secret. I think there is still this stigma in our community perhaps due to religion. My response if I was Raven would have been YES…AND What?…even if it wasn’t true just so that it wouldn’t be a “stigma” or something used “against” me. Why should it matter? If it doesn’t matter, then why hide it?


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