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Chris Brown Injured After Fight With Drake’s Crew!!

In the words of Sweet Brown, “I SAID OH LAWD JESUS ISSA FAHR!!!” Early this morning TMZ reported that Chris Brown was injured after a fight broke out at a bar between his crew and the crew of Drake.  Chris Brown tweeted this photo below, after tweeting “How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol… Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!”

Chris Brown injured Chris Brown Injured After Fight With Drakes Crew!!

Chris has since removed the tweet and picture. But whoa! That’s a nasty gash there! Reportedly there were 5 people in total who were hurt. The cops were called sometime after 4 AM and neither Chris nor Drake were present when they arrived.  This just sounds like hot, immature mess all the way through.  You may not like each other but bar fights? C’mon son.  So what brought these two to blows? 

Folks are saying that it was over a girl. Rihanna, to be exact. Just messy!!

Chris Brown Tweets Drake Fight Beef Chris Brown Injured After Fight With Drakes Crew!!

[Tweets via Hostal Malure]

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  1. HAHAHAHA!! Rih Rih “milkshake” brings the boys to the yard.

  2. His entourage got them out from the po-po with a quickness…but the entourage will get you in trouble.


  4. Chris Brown Got Fucked Up!!! :)
    hahaha… I Bet He Desevered It.
    Good job Drake! <3

  5. Drake is weak

    • Drake didn’t come across as hard in this battle. In fact I think it made his image worse.

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