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Terrence Howard Reportedly Attacked By Ex-Girlfriend

In the words of internet sensation (of sorts) Sweet Brown, “I SAID OH LAWD JESUS ISSA FIRE!!!” Just HOT MESS all around this story here.  Actor Terrence Howard was reportedly attacked by ex-girlfriend 39-year-old May Seng Yang at his home on May 6th, according to CBS Philly.  And to add a little bit more drama, Howard was at home with his current girlfriend at the time.

According to the police report, Yang parked her vehicle around the corner and out of sight of Howard’s residence. She then walked to the gated driveway and rang the bell, where she was met by Howard’s girlfriend. Howard eventually came outside, he says, because he heard a loud noise.

Howard stated that he opened the gate because he was concerned that the neighbors would be annoyed by the disturbance and hoped to calm Yang down and send her on her way. Howard and his girlfriend told police that as soon as the gate opened, Yang attacked Howard and hit him in the face. Police stated Howard’s nose showed signs of swelling.

According to Yang‘s attorney, Yang claims SHE was the one who was attacked.  However, on the police report, the officers note that Terrence and his girlfriend’s stories both matched up, while Yang‘s story and mannerisms seemed to be suspect.  SMDH!

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