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Oh this just got more serious! The reason why Prosper, TX cops were so quick to arrest Pilar Sanders after the domestic abuse dispute at the Sanders’ home two weeks ago, is because three days prior Pilar locked her youngest son in the room with her and refused to let him out…even after cops arrived. When cops arrived she began screaming and yelling. They could hear the youngest child crying out for help before letting out a loud scream and being released:

He described an incident at the couple’s home on April 20. He said he and the boys had come back from Oklahoma and were picking up some clothes before heading back. He said Pilar wanted to see the couple’s younger son, so the boy went to her room. He testified that Pilar locked the boy in her room and wouldn’t let him out. Sanders said the boy was yelling, “Daddy, get me. Let me out of here.”

Deion said he called Prosper police. When officers arrived, they asked Pilar to open the door. She yelled at them and refused to open the door. Deion said that after 15 minutes, she cracked the door and his son could be seen wrestling to get out. She shut the door again. Deion said that after another 30 minutes, they heard his son let out a cry, and police demanded that she open the door.

The boy came out “holding his shoulder. He was hit again,” Deion testified. “I grabbed my son, we got in the car and left.” He said he couldn’t see what occurred in the room between his wife and his son. “I can only assume what happened.” {Source}


That’s not all, Pilar was also arrested for pulling two knives out, YES KNIVES, on Deion Sanders’ Aunt, Laura Jones:

Deion Sanders also testified about a confrontation in January when police were called after a fight between his aunt, Laura Jones, and Pilar. He said his wife ran out of the house with two knives in her hands and Jones’ dress, which she’d ripped off. After she dropped the knives, police handcuffed her and placed her in a squad car. Deion Sanders testified that he went to the car to see if she needed anything.

“She said, ‘Can you get me my shoes and some lip gloss?’ I said, ‘At a time like this you’re worried about your Ugg boots and lip gloss? This is pathetic,’ ” he testified.

He said he got her the boots but not the lip gloss. She was later released.

He briefly described an incident in early April when Pilar tried to snatch the couple’s son out of his room and he called police. Deion Sanders said his estranged wife also insulted his 18-year-old son late last year when he was visiting the couple’s home.

This is just his side, no telling what comes out when Pilar takes the stand.

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