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So Tami Blames Vh1 Producers For Bad Behavior…

During an interview, Tami Roman tells Sister 2 Sister Magazine that it’s the producers fault the women on Basketball Wives are seen as negative. According to Tami Roman, 90% of  their lives are positive, but the producers only choose the negative things to show.  Just because Evelyn jumps the table to beat down her friend Jen doesn’t mean the producers have to show it. -OR- In my opinion, Evelyn probably shouldn’t jump on tables in the first place at the age of 40 to fight anyone including friends, especially when cameras are rolling, but I digress. Here’s what Tami tells S2S:

We show our flaws. We learn and develop as individuals. I can’t judge Evelyn [Lozada]. She has to work toward change. People don’t give us the benefit of the doubt or take that into consideration. Did Evelyn need to run over the table? Maybe not. Did Nia have to go over and slap Jennifer? Maybe not. I still don’t believe that warrants this big all-out movement against women who are really just showing our lives.

Soul Train Awards Tami Roman So Tami Blames Vh1 Producers For Bad Behavior...

Check out more from the women when you continue…

The more money Evelyn has made the worse her character becomes on the show. I understand why women are boycotting the show, at some point there is a line, and perhaps the show has crossed it.  Tami doesn’t seem to get that part of it:

I think that the opposition to call for the show to be cancelled will end the employment of several African-American women who have no creative control. Why not call out the people who make the decisions about what is aired. Call out Shed Media. Call out VH1 because I will join that battle. Why call for several people to be unemployed that really have nothing to do with the creative process? {Read more: Tami Roman Talks Negativity on Basketball Wives}

I think it’s time to find a new Monday Night hobby.




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  1. Tami is blaming the people who are paying her to act a fool on TV. She doesn’t even realize she just put her foot in her mouth. VH1 can easily remove her…and since Shaunie is an EP on the show, she is blaming Shaunie too?

    • I know, right!

  2. So not only does Tami and Shaunie both admit to poor behavior on the show, but they both try to place the blame elsewhere. You don’t have to partake in foolish behavior to be labeled a fool. My Mom use to always say birds of a feather flock together. I don’t watch the show or any reality show for that matter. TV has gotten to be just like a cookie cutter; everything looks alike. It’s sad to see woman so old act so juvenile and childish. We have too many stereotypes to overcome as is and this type of television only adds to the problem. Since when has being outspoken meant being loud and obnoxious? Being filthy with your words. Being disrespectable. Throwing things, smacking and threatening people. As adults we all know that friendship is complicated, however, it is a blessing. When do you slander your friend because she has decided to move on and experience new things? If you are so happy why are you always fighting, threatening and menacing others? I just think this type of show has run it’s course and needs to be ended. The only peoplke taking income from the BBW’s is themselves! Criminal behavior is just that so you crossed the line and now I truly hope the courts deal with this matter and make examples out of Nia and Evelyn! Maybe the rest of the trashy TV shows will go away…

    • That also includes us who watch it. I do it for a pop culture reasons, but at the same time, I am watching it way more than I should. High ratings drive the program, and unfortunately ratings are higher when these ladies fight. Too many lines have been crossed, and it’s about time someone says something. Enough is enough!

  3. “CREATIVE PROCESS”?? Who in hell is “CREATING” the process? Her and Evelyn’s ratchet azzez. Being BIMBOS to “CREATE” an impressive bank statement for sleazy pimp azz “Shaunie FakeDeal”.

  4. I hope Jennifer hires Star Jones or one of her associates to sue and defend her from VH1′s counter suit. Star has expressed her distaste for “Creative Process” and called on us to act,so I think she should represent our collective views in active petition and violence already displayed on tv. Case should be a slam dunk.

  5. Tami talkin’ bout “African American women will be unemployed”. BITCH! WHO IN HELL do you think you’re talking to? African American Women IDIOT! We are not as STUPID as you! We don’t want our daughters to think that how you raise your daughters in your hoodrat fashion is something OUR daughters should see and think okay.

    • Yeah, we all have different forms of employment that doesn’t involve violence. At least I think most of do. LOL

  6. While I have always thought the show was wack from the beginning due to many of the women not even being wives, some not even fiancee’s, most just baby mama’s or someone who went on a date. I think Tami has a point to a degree. Yes all these women gave the material that is shown. However Tami is admitting to bad behavior not just on her part but fellow castmates. She is admitting the need to change her behavior not for the show but for her personal life and her daughters. She said she doesn’t want to be angry all the time and has decided to do something about it with the help of therapy. In my opinion that should get more TV time because there are alot of women like Tami who have experienced some rough things and are bitter and whose relationships suffer because they are not properly dealing with the pain. So far though how much of Tami trying to better herself is being shown? We know they have the footage, but we see all of maybe a few minutes. Also if Tami has expressed the desire for better editing and it fell on deaf ears then you can understand what she is saying.

    Jennifer supposedly owns fitness clubs but you never see her handling her business, Tami and Shaunie have a group that helps troubled girls but that got put in bonus footage on the website instead of the actual show. I have no clue what Susie does for a living or if she even works. Instead of showing more of Royce dancing and auditions she goes to, we see her dates with men. So yeah it is sad that VH1 has positive footage of all the women but show only the arguments and fights.

    Lastly I think Shaunie is Executive Producer in name and paycheck only since the show was her idea because as much as she claims to not like the editing she acts as if she has no real say so of the finished product.

    • The producers do choose what to show and it’s mostly the drama, but unfortunately there is always some to show. It usually involves a fight, and it usually involves Tami or Evelyn. The more Evelyn gets paid the bigger the scenes. This season Evelyn has been in four different scenes with this type of drama, and the season is not over, yet.

  7. It’s just gotten old. It’s been the same formula show after show. From Flavor of Love with women spitting on each other to every spin-off and black reality show since. Vh1 needs to try more of balance because we look like some bafoons.

    • I think I have watched them all.

      • Yeah its no need to boycott Evelyn because as soon as BBW is done the LA cast comes then after them comes Love & Hip Hop so it just keeps going and going……….

      • Exactly! There will always be someone willing to act a fool for money. Kim Kardashian even faked a marriage. It is what it is. All we can do is turn the channel or watch the train wreck unfold.

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