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Rihanna Lands Another Movie Role

Looks like Rihanna is serious about starting a movie career.  Rihanna already has a movie under her belt, with Battleship coming out on May 18th.  But it’s being reported that she landed another movie role, as a lead alongside hotties Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in the sixth installment of Fast And The Furious.

 Rihanna Lands Another Movie Role

Apparently she’ll be filming her part in London, playing a femme fatale character who has “plenty of bite and doesn’t take any prisoners.”  I must give her credit for getting involved in action roles, I would do the same if I could!  Do you think Rihanna has what it takes to uphold a successful movie career, a la Will Smith or is she just the “flavor of the month”?  Check out this scene from her upcoming film Battleship and let us know:


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  1. Too early to really tell if she got what it takes. I don’t think anyone can say one way or the other until she plays a serious role.

    • Agrees! Mariah in Sparkle doesn’t compare to Mariah in Precious. Over time, hopefully she gets even better.

  2. I luv her good luck she realize that music can fade after time. It work for Tyreese.

    • Hopefully she can act.

  3. I’m not gonna clown her because I’ve never seen her act. All I know is she better not mess up I love my Fast and Furious movies! lol

    • Yes, we will withhold our opinions until a later date…

  4. Rihanna cant act Idk why da is tryin to act she will fail at it. Da only reason y ppl woant os ee da movie is Ri in it and it looks crazk I dontw anna see it smh.

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