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George Zimmerman Skinny In New Mug-Shot…

George Zimmerman has definitely been feeling the stress from the Trayvon murder case. Since the release of the police video, it looks as though George Zimmerman has lost weight. The picture we are use to seeing of a thick George Zimmerman in orange is from a mugshot in 2005 after he was arrested for assaulting a cop, or was it domestic violence, or perhaps disorderly conduct. Whoa, 2005 was not a good year for George Zimmerman. Anyway, this is the new slimmer George Zimmerman who has lost a lot of weight since the February video and even more weight since 2005.

George Zimmerman Mug Shot mugshot George Zimmerman Skinny In New Mug Shot...

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  1. He looks more Mexican.

    • Isn’t he Peruvian?

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