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Good Friday morning to you!! We need laughs today, don’t you think? Well, I will admit that I’ve been watching this clip alllllllll week and it’s just as funny today as it was yesterday.  Everyone, please meet Sweet Brown.  Yes, Sweet Brown.  Sweet Brown has been called the newest internet sensation, a la Antonie Dodson.

Sweet Brown recaps her harrowing experience when escaping a fire in her Oklahoma City apartment complex with local news station KFOR.  This short news clip has already been remixed a number of times.  And shout out to her son, Stanford, who does a great job of going back and forth behind her, making sure to get seen on camera a number of times.  Check out the clip and try not to cry laugh, when you continue…

Can’t get enough?  Visit our friends over at Crunk & Disorderly for another video, where Sweet Brown discusses what’s happened in the aftermath of this new fame.

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