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Friday Funnies: The ‘Blue Ivy Is A Doll’ Theory

Happy Good Friday folks! Even though it is a religious holiday, that hasn’t stopped the craziness that seems to rear it’s head on a Friday. SMH I don’t think this was supposed to be funny, but it is to me! Today’s “What The Hell?!?” moment is brought to you by the good folks over at The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.

Blue Ivy Carter First Look Friday Funnies: The Blue Ivy Is A Doll Theory

Celebrity gossip reporter Gary Wit Da Tea reported yesterday that people out here have come up with a new speculation into baby Blue Ivy Carter.  It seems as though people are now suggesting that Blue Ivy is a Reborn Doll.  *CRICKETS*  According to Wikipedia, a Reborn Doll is a doll that’s manufactured to be made as real looking as possible. *CRICKETS AGAIN*  So what is the reasoning behind this theory?

Apparently, since Beyoncé is walking around NYC, Blue Ivy‘s legs don’t appear to be kicking in the baby Bjorn sling. AND There haven’t been any pictures of the baby’s face since the birth photos. *HARD SIGH* I swear y’all…LOL If you’d like to hear it for yourself, check it out here and jump to the 2:15 mark.

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  1. LOL this is funny….maybe if they werent lying so much about this pregnancy then ppl wouldnt make jokes about it

  2. Who the heck are people?!? Rick Smiley, a comedian who’s job it is to tell jokes? Are you kidding me? How old are you? 13?

  3. Grow up! A reborn doll??? Really?? So what they didn’t come out and say hey we’re expecting when they first knew. They don’t owe us anything. Look at the attention they received once they did announce it! Being called lairs and more just because she didn’t blow up like a beach whale like half these women do. Think there lying do yourself a favor and stop making there business your business. Like he said “what I eat don’t make you shit….where the love” lol

  4. I am not a fan of bey or JZ but this is a baby not able to walk or talk any fool can see that this baby is a real child, I don’t really see j z and his mom and her parents playing with a fake doll. Grow the fuck up people this woman is not Mary she is just a woman who had a baby however she chooses she is a singer with a life and she should have one I don’t care to much about the caters and Smith but leave the baby out of it. And stop doing as shit to add up to the fire.

  5. Why even report nonsense like this? Hmm First time on this site, probably the last. I don’t fit into the demographic.

    • @thefashionistachic,

      Child please, obviously you are first time visitor making statements like that.

  6. People are just pathetic. They keep on forgetting that whatever thoughts they have about someone is the same they’re going to be receiving. Evil begets evil and vice versa!

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