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Chris Brown Launching Collectible Toy Line

Now this is a unique business venture, if I do say so myself.  Chris Brown is pairing up with artist Ron English to create a line of collectible toys and unique art sculptures called Dum English, according to Billboard.  Set to launch on May 2 in Los Angeles, the limited edition line is only going to offer 1000 pieces in the toy line and only 20 pieces in the fiberglass sculpture line.

The toy designs are based off of his Mechanical Dummy blog.  Not only does he feature his own work on Mechanical Dummy but he features the work of budding artists as well.  I never realized how much he puts into his artistic side.  If you’re in LA then you’re in luck.  You can actually witness him doing his painting thing when the line launches:

Brown and English will showcase their work at the Corey Helford Gallery in CulverCity (L.A.) on May 2 from 6-8 p.m. Proceeds from sales at the combination VIP art exhibit/media event will benefit Brown’s Symphonic Love foundation, which provides support and funding for arts programs dedicated to women and the artistic development of children. Brown and English will also paint together on a life-size Dum English astronaut sculpture in front of guests. Earlier that day (2-4 p.m.), the pair will appear at TAG for an in-store consumer signing.

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