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Brandy Opens Up About Fatal 2006 Car Crash

There’s a popular celebrity magazine out there that has a little segment called something like “They’re Just Like Us!”, in which they highlight every day things celebrities are caught doing.  I really hate that segment because it makes it seem like celebrities aren’t human.  But I guess sometimes people need to be reminded of that because it’s easy to put them on another level.  VH1 aired their Behind The Music special featuring Brandy last night, which went into a lot of areas Brandy has never really talked about before.  Specifically, she went into the 2006 fatal car crash that she was involved in, which resulted in the death of Awatif Aboudihaj.

Brandy VH1 Behind The Music Brandy Opens Up About Fatal 2006 Car Crash

I would hear what people would say, and still to this day they know that that’s a button. They know that they can call me a murderer or call me someone that killed someone. They know that is a button for me. A murderer is someone who premeditates it. I didn’t wake up that day to be involved in a fatal car crash.

I know on Twitter it seems as if there’s always a Brandy joke regarding the car crash at least once a week but this really put it into perspective for me.  It’s a very emotional and revealing segment of the special and quite honestly, it makes her human to me.  Not that she wasn’t before but I watched this and thought of what it would be like if I were in her shoes.  It’s a hard pill to swallow.  Check the video below:

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  1. FAKE!!!! I’ve never liked Brandy, never been a fan of hers or her music. She such a liar and always trying to play the victim. When she got pregnant she scamed that fake marriage to save her image then she kicked the dude to the curb once she realized her reputation was in tact, that’s why he called her out. Then she gave some bullshyt excuse as to why the relatioship ended. She even claimed to have been abused in a previous relationship..So full of sh**.

    • She was young and had a lot of handlers. That don’t excuse it, but these people have to get to the top somehow and it often involves a few lies.

      I think she’s grown as a person if she can now admit that it was all a lie. Some people will deny to the end.

      I’ve always been a Monica fan, so it was interesting watching Brandy’s story. Can’t wait to see Ray J’s…just playing.

  2. How do u know if she fake? People go through shit.

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