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So Tami Blames Vh1 Producers For Bad Behavior…

Posted by on Apr 29, 2012 in Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity News, TV Shows | 14 comments

During an interview, Tami Roman tells Sister 2 Sister Magazine that it’s the producers fault the women on Basketball Wives are seen as negative. According to Tami Roman, 90% of  their lives are positive, but the producers only choose the negative things to show.  Just because Evelyn jumps the table to beat down her friend Jen doesn’t mean the producers have to show it. -OR- In my opinion, Evelyn probably shouldn’t jump on tables in the first place at the age of 40 to fight anyone including friends, especially when cameras are rolling, but I digress. Here’s what Tami tells S2S:

We show our flaws. We learn and develop as individuals. I can’t judge Evelyn [Lozada]. She has to work toward change. People don’t give us the benefit of the doubt or take that into consideration. Did Evelyn need to run over the table? Maybe not. Did Nia have to go over and slap Jennifer? Maybe not. I still don’t believe that warrants this big all-out movement against women who are really just showing our lives.

Soul Train Awards Tami Roman So Tami Blames Vh1 Producers For Bad Behavior...

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