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Drake Looking For An Opening Act For New Tour

Posted by on Apr 17, 2012 in Celebrity Concert, Celebrity Music | 3 comments

Time to break out that garage band and get those mixtapes together, because if you want a real shot on stage with Drake, your time has come.  According to MSN Music, Drake has launched a search for a new opening act online.  His new tour will launch this summer and with it, possibly launch a brand new music act into mainstream stardom.

Drake 2 Drake Looking For An Opening Act For New Tour

Photo credit: DrizzyDrake.org

The Club Paradise tour will officially kick off on May 7th and the winner will not only get the chance to open for Drake but receive their own tour bus. Pretty sweet!  Since Nicki Minaj deleted her Twitter the other day after getting into a fight with her fans, she might want to give this a shot…I’m just saying.  So how do you enter?

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Mashonda Interviews Jennifer Williams About Basketball Wives “Slap”

Posted by on Apr 17, 2012 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity BFFs, Celebrity Cougars, Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity News, TV Shows | 10 comments

With friends like Nia Crooks and Evelyn Lozada, who needs enemies? I get that Nia and Evelyn are hurt because Jennifer Williams has moved on to new “celebrity” friends, but if they would just take a look at themselves in a mirror, they could easily see why. In last night’s episode, four grown women thought it was appropriate to gang up on one woman and dump their issues on the table, while actually expecting to get some honest answers. It hasn’t worked in any of the seasons in the past, and it certainly didn’t work this time around, either. If Tami, Shaunie, Nia, and, Evelyn are really concerned wouldn’t they have a one-on-one conversations with Jen about their issues, especially if the issues are unrelated?  But instead they gang up on Jen, and then wonder why she gets defensive when the mean girl clique enters the room to interrogate.

Last night’s episode ended with Nia walking across the table to slap Jen on the back of the hair. Evelyn jumps on table after the fact, I guess for a dramatic visual effect. Checkout the video (above). Anyway, Mashonda is coming to Jen’s defense, and sits down with Jen for an exclusive interview to talk about the slap and bullying.  Check out the interview when you continue…

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Dwayne Johnson Is The Next Reality TV Star

Posted by on Apr 17, 2012 in Celebrity News, TV Shows | 2 comments

WOO LAWD!!! This post is taking me about twice as long to write cuz I keep stopping to wave my hands in praise over the possibilities!! Actor and my personal heartthrob Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has landed a role on a reality TV show, according to Variety.  The Hero is a competition show that will use a heavy integration of social media to locate the next great “hero”.  This means we the people get to decide who has what it takes via social media outlets like Twitter

Dwayne Johnson Dwayne Johnson Is The Next Reality TV Star

Dwayne will appear throughout the show has a motivational host of sorts, as participants compete in tasks that challenge their physical strength and character.  I’m praying that this means we’ll see a lot of shots of Dwayne just being all strong and powerful…and possibly sweating…*ROCKS BACK AND FORTH*  The show will be produced by Given Silverman, who’s responsible for shows like  The Biggest Loser and Fashion Star.  So what makes Dwayne such a great candidate to appear on the show?  His Social Media greatness.  Check out these stats:

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PHOTOS: Lauryn Hill In Concert; Plus New Comer Rita Orta

Posted by on Apr 17, 2012 in Celebrity Concert, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos | Comments Off

Lauryn Hill hit the stage at Indigo O2 in London with freshly cut hair.  Before performing Lauryn Hill lets the crowd know that the old Lauryn Hill is back. The new Lauryn Hill received some bad reviews due to her excessive tardiness, erratic and eccentric behavior, and unnecessary remixes to the great Lauryn Hill classics:

It’s been a long time coming…A lot has happened and I’ve missed you, but we cut through so we can get back to doing what needs to be done.

Reportedly, the concert in London is one of Lauryn Hill’s best performances in a over a decade.

Lauryn Hill Concert Indigo O2 London 2 PHOTOS: Lauryn Hill In Concert; Plus New Comer Rita Orta

Back in the states, new comer Rita Ora of Roc Nation hits the stage at Q102 FM WIOQ’s iHeartRadio Theatre for a local concert in Philly. I am late to join the Rita Ora band wagon, but I just love her latest song, R.I.P…Check out a few photos of the “Poor Man’s Rihanna”  aka Rita Ora when you continue…*whispers* rumor has it that she is now dating Drake after her recent break-up with Rob Kardashian, but that’s just a rumor or good PR… icon wink PHOTOS: Lauryn Hill In Concert; Plus New Comer Rita Orta

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