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Jada-Pinkett’s Mother Reveals She Was Not A “Good Mother” In Red Table Talks

Posted by on Apr 30, 2012 in Celebrity Family, Celebrity Kids, Celebrity News, Relationships, Videos | 3 comments

On May 13th, Mother’s Day, Jada Pinkett-Smith will release Red Table Talks. Red Table Talks is an intimate look at family, love, and relationships. In this first installment of this series, Jada Pinkett- Smith, daughter Willow Smith, and Jada’s mother, Andrienne Banefield Jones, sit down for an intimate conversation about their relationships. Three generation openly talk about hurt and pain as well as healing and love. In the trailer for the short film, Adrienne Banefield-Jones, admits to Willow that she was not a good mother to Jada.

You know Jada did not have the kind of life that you have now. I was not a good mother…

REd Table Talk Jada Willow Adrienne Banefield Jada Pinketts Mother Reveals She Was Not A Good Mother In Red Table Talks


I can’t wait to see Red Table Talks on May 13th! I’m happy that Jada is inviting us into her family. I definitely can’t wait to see one with Will Smith on marriage. Check out a sneak peek of trailer when you continue…

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Tina Knowles CallsThe Beyonce Baby Bumper Rumors ‘Stupid’…

Posted by on Apr 30, 2012 in Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity News, Celebrity Pregnancy, Celebrity Quotes, Rumor Control | 5 comments

Tina Knowles has her daughter’s back, and addresses all of the rumors regarding Beyonce’s pregnancy as “stupid”. Mama Knowles tells People Magazine that she thought the rumors were “unfair” and “cruel”.

Blue Ivy In Directors Chair Tina Knowles CallsThe Beyonce Baby Bumper Rumors Stupid...

I couldn’t agree more. Anytime I post anything about Beyonce it becomes controversial, so many people want to see this woman fail, and I don’t understand why. Apparently, I am not the only one that doesn’t understand this invested hatred. Check out what Mama Knowles had to say about those of you accusing Beyonce of hiring a surrogate to trick the world (aint’ nobody got time for that)…

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White House Correspondent’s Dinner: Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Kerry Washington, Kim Kardashian

Posted by on Apr 30, 2012 in Celebrity Awards, Celebrity Comedy, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Red Carpet, Politics | 8 comments

Check out some of your favorite stars at the 2012 White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner. Alicia Keys and hubby, Swizz Beatz, attended, singer Mary J Blige, actresses Kerry Washington, Holly Robinson-Peete and Viola Davis hit the red carpet, too. Of course Kim Kardashian was there along with her mom, Kris Jenner, and Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian were special guests of Greta Van Susteren of Fox News.

White Correspondents Dinner Alicia Keys Swizz Beatz White House Correspondents Dinner: Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Kerry Washington, Kim Kardashian


President Obama was funny as usual, but IMO, he was the funniest last year when he took on Donald Trump and the birthers. This year there were a lot of jokes about dogs, and eating dogs. Check out the video plus more pics when you continue reading…

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Rihanna Lands Another Movie Role

Posted by on Apr 30, 2012 in Celebrity News, Movies | 7 comments

Looks like Rihanna is serious about starting a movie career.  Rihanna already has a movie under her belt, with Battleship coming out on May 18th.  But it’s being reported that she landed another movie role, as a lead alongside hotties Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in the sixth installment of Fast And The Furious.

 Rihanna Lands Another Movie Role

Apparently she’ll be filming her part in London, playing a femme fatale character who has “plenty of bite and doesn’t take any prisoners.”  I must give her credit for getting involved in action roles, I would do the same if I could!  Do you think Rihanna has what it takes to uphold a successful movie career, a la Will Smith or is she just the “flavor of the month”?  Check out this scene from her upcoming film Battleship and let us know:

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So Tami Blames Vh1 Producers For Bad Behavior…

Posted by on Apr 29, 2012 in Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity News, TV Shows | 14 comments

During an interview, Tami Roman tells Sister 2 Sister Magazine that it’s the producers fault the women on Basketball Wives are seen as negative. According to Tami Roman, 90% of  their lives are positive, but the producers only choose the negative things to show.  Just because Evelyn jumps the table to beat down her friend Jen doesn’t mean the producers have to show it. -OR- In my opinion, Evelyn probably shouldn’t jump on tables in the first place at the age of 40 to fight anyone including friends, especially when cameras are rolling, but I digress. Here’s what Tami tells S2S:

We show our flaws. We learn and develop as individuals. I can’t judge Evelyn [Lozada]. She has to work toward change. People don’t give us the benefit of the doubt or take that into consideration. Did Evelyn need to run over the table? Maybe not. Did Nia have to go over and slap Jennifer? Maybe not. I still don’t believe that warrants this big all-out movement against women who are really just showing our lives.

Soul Train Awards Tami Roman So Tami Blames Vh1 Producers For Bad Behavior...

Check out more from the women when you continue…

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