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Tashera Simmons Explains Why She’s Been By DMX Side For 25 YEARS…

When some women love, they love hard and unconditionally. I don’t know if I can stand by the side of man like DMX who has been in and out of jail for drugs and mental issues and don’t let me get started on the women and ALL the cheating, but Tashera Simmons explains that Earl Simmons aka DMX has been the love of her life since high school and she is standing by Earl’s side. Through four kids (three boys and a girl) and a six year separation, Tashera talks about the up and downs of loving DMX. Their relationship will also be featured on Vh1′s Couple’s Therapy which airs tonight…get ready for some drama.

He was like no one I’ve ever met…He’s definitely one of a kind. Yeah, you know what, and like again I say, we’ve been together since we were kids. After that man years, you are family. I can’t be fake. When I took those vows I meant them…I love HARD.


Tashera Smith DMX Wife Tashera Simmons Explains Why Shes Been By DMX Side For 25 YEARS...

Check out the video when you continue, it is one of the most revealing interviews I’ve heard in a minute. Tashera talks about the drug problems, the paternity tests, keeping his last name and her new tell-all book, Strength of a Woman. I will have to get this book, too, cause I need to know how she does it…how she did it

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