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Meet Puma & Mars: A Rare Look At Erykah Badu’s Daughters

Posted by on Mar 2, 2012 in Celebrity Family, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity Kids, Celebrity News | 2 comments

Erykah Badu has three children, a son Seven who is now 14, and two daughters Puma (7) and Mars (2). I remember the video for Other Side of The Game, when Erykah Badu and Andree 3000 announced that Erykah was pregnant. I can’t believe that was 14 years ago! During a recent interview with BET, Erykah Badu reveals her passion in life.

Next to her children and her music, What does Erykah Badu love most in life? …More children.

Outside of music, Badu’s major passion is children—she has three of her own, ages 14, seven and two, and as a midwife in training, has helped deliver eight babies since 2001.  “It’s my pleasure to be the welcoming committee,” she says, noting that she had natural births with her own kids.

Puma Mars ERykah Badu Daughters Meet Puma & Mars: A Rare Look At Erykah Badus Daughters

Erykah Badu also talks about the importance of teaching her kids African-American history, and that the best lesson she can teach them is to

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MrsGrapevine Juicy Links: Adrienne Bailon Full On Wardrobe Malfunction! Forget A Nip Slip…

Posted by on Mar 2, 2012 in Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity News, Celebrity NSFW, Celebrity Red Carpet, Embarassing Moments | Comments Off

I have seen some interesting red carpet fashion choices. I have seen women push the envelope so far that they have a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet. What we now call a nip slip. Every once in a while a boob pops out of place. BUT what do you call it when the whole crotch slips out or falls out? Adrienne Bailon is perhaps the first celebrity that I know of with a crotch shot on the red carpet. Perhaps a better choice of dress could have prevented this moment, or some underwear, but then again Adrienne Bailon can use all the publicity she can get. Sadly her career has come to this…

Adrienne Bailon at Total Rewards 700x1024 MrsGrapevine Juicy Links: Adrienne Bailon Full On Wardrobe Malfunction! Forget A Nip Slip...

NSFW Adrienne Bailon Red Carpet Wardrobe Malfunction [Sandra Rose]

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Nick Cannon Diagnosed With Auto-Immune Disease Like Lupus [iLuLu]

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Singer Drake Thinks He’s Sexy Now With His New Abs…BUT [Carlton Jordan]

Oh, if you wondering what Adrienne’s dress looks like from the back, click here for the back view

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Guess Who: Someone’s Engaged! (We Think…)

Posted by on Mar 1, 2012 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Twitter, Celebrity Wedding, Guess Who | Comments Off

In a world where Twitter is a stage for both the truth and deception, we REALLY can’t be sure what someone tweets is the truth anymore. However, this doesn’t seem like a surprise to me.  Guess who just posted a picture of this ring on Twitter, with the words “He has made me the Happiest Woman in the World!!!!“?

Guess Who engagement pic Guess Who: Someones Engaged! (We Think...)

That’s a stunning ring.  But here’s a few hints:  This couple has been dating for a little over a year, following her break-up from superstar rapper.  And even to this day, a lot of people can’t believe that this 28 year old model and this 24 year old rapper are still together and apparently head over heels about each other.  See who the happy couple is, when you continue…

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Let’s Discuss: Does Wendy Williams Hate Natural Hair?

Posted by on Mar 1, 2012 in Celebrity Drama, Ms. Toni Laughs and Rants, TV Shows | 28 comments

The day after the Oscars, talk show host Wendy Williams sat down with fashion stylist Mary Alice Stephenson to talk about all of the fashion that was spotted on the red carpet.  When the category of Hair Do Of The Night came up, Mary Alice said her choice for the night was Viola Davis‘ natural look.  Mary loved that Viola rocked her natural hair confidently.  Viola shed all wigs and weaves and wore her natural mini ‘fro in all it’s copper glory.  But Wendy‘s reaction was anything but encouraging:

Downloads Lets Discuss: Does Wendy Williams Hate Natural Hair?

…All due respect to naturals, but I don’t wanna see old Room 222 flashbacks on the red carpet. Only old people know exactly what I’m talking about.


So. Yeah. From her reaction, I’d say that Wendy isn’t a fan of the natural hair movement but I don’t know if she actually HATES it. Yes, as a woman with natural hair, I found her reaction of rolled eyes and her comments offensive but I can’t take anyone seriously who says those things with enough weave on her head to blanket the state of Texas.  It’s hard enough rocking natural hairstyles with confidence when everything in our society tells us it’s the “wrong” way to go but it’s even harder to see someone who’s hair texture is the same talking in a degrading tone about it.

So what do you think?  Does Wendy hate natural hair or is she just not a fan of the small afro do?  Would she say the same about someone rocking natural curls that cascaded down their shoulders?  Watch the video after the jump and share your thoughts!

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