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Meet Puma & Mars: A Rare Look At Erykah Badu’s Daughters

Erykah Badu has three children, a son Seven who is now 14, and two daughters Puma (7) and Mars (2). I remember the video for Other Side of The Game, when Erykah Badu and Andree 3000 announced that Erykah was pregnant. I can’t believe that was 14 years ago! During a recent interview with BET, Erykah Badu reveals her passion in life.

Next to her children and her music, What does Erykah Badu love most in life? …More children.

Outside of music, Badu’s major passion is children—she has three of her own, ages 14, seven and two, and as a midwife in training, has helped deliver eight babies since 2001.  “It’s my pleasure to be the welcoming committee,” she says, noting that she had natural births with her own kids.

Puma Mars ERykah Badu Daughters Meet Puma & Mars: A Rare Look At Erykah Badus Daughters

Erykah Badu also talks about the importance of teaching her kids African-American history, and that the best lesson she can teach them is to follow their dreams and stay true to their identity:

To honor Black History Month, she teaches them “very early on who they are, what their culture is about, and how we got to where we are right now as a race of people.”

 All three are interested in music and the arts, she says, especially her seven-year-old daughter, Puma. “She’s always singing and wants to act and model.”  Badu says she’ll be supportive if any of her offspring choose showbiz, “but it has to be something you want to do. It’s a lot of commitment,” she’ll tell them. “Follow your heart. Don’t let anybody infiltrate your dream, especially you. And be fearless. Give your all every time and feel the success in that.”

So Beautiful!

Mars Erykah Badu Daughter Meet Puma & Mars: A Rare Look At Erykah Badus Daughters

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  1. Well that’s very beautiful a woman who has had a successful career and three kids out of wedlock by different men because I was starting to think my life was so bad no one can relate its good to know ms thang has a positive head on her shoulder out of all the things she has to face keep up the good work ms thang

  2. wow, gorgeous!

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