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Katy Perry Covers Kanye & Jay-Z’s ‘N****s In Paris’

Singer Katy Perry is defintely one of those artists who dabbles a bit in being “extra” without being overt like *fill in your own artist(s)* but this is kind of…interesting…and brave.  During a performance for the BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge series, Katy covered the Kanye/Jay-Z hit, N****s In Paris.

Like I said, it’s a brave and interesting choice of a song for her to cover.  Number one, it’s a completely different genre than her native Pop music but she adjusts it fairly well to match her voice and flow.  Number two (and probably where the controversy would lie) she covers a song that uses a racially sensitive word.  While she doesn’t say it, substituting “ninja” instead, some could be offended just knowing what the actual word is. Then again, Katy can’t be blamed for the word, since it’s not her song. Check out the video of her performance after the jump and share your thoughts!

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