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Eddie Murphy Says ‘Raw’ Is Still #1, Kevin Hart.

Every time Eddie Murphy comes out with a new movie, I always hope it’s funny.  Because I still remember Raw Eddie and Delirious Eddie.  I can watch both of those today and laugh until the tears come.  They’re timeless and I have faith that Eddie can recapture that magic one day! *steps off of soap box* But I digress.  Eddie Murphy sat down with Jamaal Finkley of BlackTree TV for an interview discussing his new movie, A Thousand Words and comedian Kevin Hart “breaking” his record.

What record did he break?…I don’t know…Ain’t nobody…Raw is still the number one box office concert movie in history, so I don’t know what records nobody broke…KEVIN.

He then proceeds to do a pretty spot on impersonation of Kevin, a la his days on SNL. Hilarious!  However, Eddie says he loves Kevin so it’s nothing but love. Just don’t get it twisted.  Check out the clip, when you continue…

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