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Reality Star Omarosa Is Now An Ordained Minister

Ever since her first appearance on Donald Trump‘s The Apprentice, Omarosa Manigault has been the woman that America loves to hate.  And with good reason.  Her cutthroat style and aggressive tactics made it hard for anyone to like her and she seemed to not mind that role at all.  She’s appeared on a number of reality shows, including NBC’s Fear Factor and TV One‘s The Ultimate Merger, a dating show that ended with Omarosa being single. Womp.  But according to The Christian Post, it now seems as if her negative days are over, since she’s now Reverend Omarosa.

IHA 002502 Reality Star Omarosa Is Now An Ordained Minister

The former TV star was already serving as an assistant pastor at her home church, the Weller Street Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, Ca. After a year of service, she was unanimously approved to become a reverend by the ordination committee of the church in mid-February.

After once playing the villain role for television shows, Omarosa announced her enrollment in seminary school in 2009 and received her preacher’s license in February 2011. Her ordination now gives her the authority to officiate Christian marriages, funerals and baptisms.

Wow. Talk about complete 180 degree turn.  I wonder how her boyfriend actor Michael Clarke Duncan feels about her change.  Maybe he helped inspired this new positive outlook on life for her.  And it seems as if she’s in this thing for the long haul…

Omarosa is currently enrolled in the doctorate of Ministry program at Payne Theological Seminary in Ohio.  Would you attend Rev. Omarosa‘s church?

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One Comment

  1. Wow, never seen her look that pretty before. She actually seems content and happy for a change. God bless hu!

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