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Say What? Megan Good Was In Talks To Play Whitney Houston In A Movie???

Oh girl. I don’t know about y’all but Megan Good needs a few more people before I can believe this one.  According to Marc Malkin of E! Online, Megan said she was in the beginning stages of talking with Whitney Houston to star in a movie, playing the superstar singer.

“We were fairly in the beginning stages,” Good told me last night at Vanity Fair and Juicy Couture’s Vanities party at Siren Studios in Hollywood. “We were supposed to meet today actually.”

I mean, not to say that a movie about Whitney‘s life wouldn’t happen but for her to be talking to Megan Good for the title role?? Like…I don’t even…I can’t…that’s just too hard for me to swallow.  But hey, who knows. It could have gone down like that. Maybe Megan was one of a list of possible actresses. It’s a good thing y’all can’t see my face right now, though. But Megan claims that Whitney had an idea of how she wanted the film to end.  Check out how the legendary star saw the end of her story being, when you continue…

Good said the big question for them was how the movie would end.

“My feeling is because she has the film Sparkle coming out and she’s brilliant in it and she looks beautiful and healthy, my feeling was that’s how we should end the movie—as a new beginning for her,” Good said.

Now, THAT I can believe.

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