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Meet Iggy Azalea: Who Is She & What Does She Do?

I know you’ve seen a lot of buzz about T.I. and this blond bombshell, Iggy Azalea. But if you’re like me, you heard of Iggy Azalea, but you really don’t know who she is and you’ve only listen to one or two songs, if that. After seeing her in the studio with T.I. talking about throwing money, I wanted to take a second listen at this striking beauty from Australia with the forced hood-ish accent. Last night I searched through Youtube, falling in love with her angles and appreciating her style, but not sure if I can call her the truth. Today, she covers XXL Magazine on the Freshman Class 2012 issue; the first female rapper in the history of the list. But who is she really?

xxl 2012 freshmen cover iggy azalea Meet Iggy Azalea: Who Is She & What Does She Do?

From the looks of this cover with French Montana, rap music has certainly gone global and multicultural, with Iggy Azalea as the face of globalization. I never thought I would see a white Australian girl on the cover of XXL magazine for her rapping skills, and yet, Iggy Azalea has people talking in 2012. *Side-bar* I will take Iggy all day every day over Kreayshawn and the White Girl Mob. I’m so glad, y’all didn’t let Kreayshawn be great!!!  So anyway, meet Iggy Azalea, born Amethyst Kelly in New South Wales, Australia. With a stage name like Amethyst, how did she become known as Iggy. Simple, it was the name of her dead dog:

It was my dog’s name growing up. That’s weird, right? My dead dog. He was the coolest. He was half pit and half Australian cattle dog. My dad got him when I was a baby. I had him my whole life growing up and he was this crazy dog. He would fight all the dogs in the neighborhood. My next door neighbor, they were breeders, and he f*cked their girl dog and when it had babies, their little babies came out and they were the wrong color. And they hated our guts after that. They wanted him dead. He would bite people, have fights with other dogs, he got bitten by a snake so he was paralyzed, we took him to the vet, I thought he was going to die. He never died! We had to get him put down when I was 18 because his legs stopped working, but this motherf**ker would not let go. He was the coolest. {Source}

Iggy Azalea 2 Meet Iggy Azalea: Who Is She & What Does She Do?

Izzy Azalea has a strong appreciation of art, which is reflected in her pop art-styled videos. Her hip-hop inspirations are Tupac (yes!) and Andre 3000 (yes!)

Andre 3000. Tupac too. I just want to talk about Andre because everybody knows I’m obsessed with Tupac and we all know why he’s great. But I love Andre! He’s f**king cool to me. Aquemini, man that was my sh*t! For real. That’s my favorite Outkast album. I just love Andre because I just loved how he never dressed like a rapper is supposed to and when they had Speakerboxxx and he was singing, I was like, ‘damn, he’s really pushing the borders on what a rapper’s supposed to be.’ I love Andre 3000, man. He’s the coolest. I want to meet him so bad

Iggy Azalea My World Meet Iggy Azalea: Who Is She & What Does She Do?

Iggy does not like being compared to other white female rappers, here are her thoughts on Kreayshawn:

I think it sucks because I just feel like there are so many other artists that you could say I rap like, like Shawna. I can see that more, than saying I spit like Kreayshawn. We don’t have the same cadence. To me it’s like, ‘OK, that sucks because music isn’t supposed to be about race or color.’ I have a vagina and I have white skin so I get compared to Kreayshawn and that’s what annoys me about it.

Iggy Azalea Meet Iggy Azalea: Who Is She & What Does She Do?

If Iggy is stranded on a desert island, she would share the island with the men she love most, one being her dad who draws cartoons and owns a banana plantation (must be Australian for farm) and the other Tupac. If she could bring these three albums to the island, she chooses:

Nas, Tupac & Outlaws Still I Rise, and I would take a Missy album just because she’s a female rapper and she’s f**king cool and I love her videos.

…Tupac, even though he’s dead. He still exists. I know so many cool people. Who do I love? I love my dad. He’s pretty crazy. He has a banana plantation and he draws cartoons. I love him. He’s like the coolest, understanding person ever.

Check her out below: (WARNING: This is a rap song, there are explicit lyrics)

Stardom doesn’t come without controversy, according to Necole Bitchie, a black female rapper by the name of Azaelia Banks already has some beef brewing with Iggy over some “perceived” racist lyrics. *sigh*

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  1. I have to admit, I stumbled upon Iggy about two weeks ago and I LOVE her stuff so far. Pu$$y is my jam!!!

  2. I’m just trying to figure out why is Roscoe Dash on the freshman issue for 2012?

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