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Love & Hip-Hop Producer Mona Scott-Young Should Win Pimp Of The Year!!!

Shaunie O’Neal has nothing on Mona Scott-Young , the producer of Love & Hip-Hop. Last night during the “reunion” special, I watched Mona Scott-Young, basically pimp a cast of women for ratings. Mona Scott-Young and her team were unable to have a regular reunion special to clear the air. Mona claimed the reason behind the decision to not have a reunion special was because the women were still angry and ready to fight, but honestly I think most of the women had a problem with Mona and Yandy, and how they set-up fights to boost ratings.

In almost every interview, each cast member said Mona intentionally took things out of context to edit the narrative for ratings, and against their best wishes put the cast-members in hostile environment to provoke a fight. The only person that didn’t have a problem with the editing was Yandy. O_0 How convenient!!! Considering Yandy was at the center of every fight, and the only cast member that was buddy-buddy with Mona on screen.

Erica Mena Cries Love Hip Hop Mona Scott Young Love & Hip Hop Producer Mona Scott Young Should Win Pimp Of The Year!!!

One scene that almost broke my heart was Erica Mena’s break-down during her exit interview with Mona. Obviously if you go on a show like Love & Hip-Hop you’re on your last leg as far as career options, and you just need a boost to your career. Well Erica Mena broke down in tears because she felt like she wasn’t accurately portrayed. Although you can’t make a woman do anything she doesn’t want to do on camera, you can manipulate the story line so that her character is one dimensional. All I am saying is that Mona, if she cared about these women in any manner, could have made these stories more balanced and featured the good and the bad, and not just the evil. Mona intentionally left out the good stories in the lives of these women as she accidentally revealed while interviewing Somaya, and focused mostly on the things that were negative.  Mona, also had the nerve to tell Erica Mena that she could learn a lesson from this experience, and become a better person. Now, go make my money!!!

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The only thing that scene above proved to me is that this mess was a set-up, and that the producers could have prevented the fight. It also proved that Erica’s role was to start drama. I can’t believe Mona said off camera, I thought you were going to introduce her first, not just jump in, let’s reset. How could Mona think that if the show wasn’t scripted ?

From abusive men to abusive women. At least Shaunie tries to balance the lives of the women on her show. But hey, I hope Mona gets nominated for the Pimp of the Year award at the 2012 Players’ Ball. Sadly, Love & Hip-Hop Hotlanta is coming soon!

Make that money Erica, don’t let that money make you!

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  1. Sho’ you right! She out pimpin’ HELL over Shaunie!!

    • @reita collins,

      She needs pinky ring.

  2. I think that the only cast members who refused to do the reunion show was Chrissy and Jim Jones, so that kinda threw a monkey wrench in the whole thing. but I’m still confused as to why Jim has this whole strict loyalty thing toward Chrissy, its as if he cant even make a decision without her approval or go against her in any way, he has to chose her over family and friends and they aren’t even married ! there is definately more to this story !

    • @sassynjazzy, its not that he seeks her approval, he chooses to discuss business and personal matters with his future wife…WHICH IS WHAT COMMITTED COUPLES DO. he respects her and her opinion…would it be better if he didn’t even claim her or brushed her off? they are a team. period. and that’s how a marriage should be – STRICT LOYALTY. watched my folks do it for 35 years til mama passed and they were a FORCE. they made decisions together as a unit. too many people out there don’t have enough loyalty if you ask me. Chrissy comes first with Jim, and Jim comes first with Chrissy. they may not be perfect (Yes, jim smokes too much and yes, chrissy is a live wire who needs therapy) but they’re apparently perfect for each other. if they like it, i love it. he’s not going anywhere and neither is she. i for one will always root for loyalty and love. nothing wrong with a couple being ride-or-die for EACH OTHER.#Teamloveandloyalty.

      • @ladida,

        I agree, I think Chrissy definitely should come first. He should hold her down, stand up for her, and protect her. I am sure she tells him everything, so he knows where Chrissy is coming from.

    • @sassynjazzy,

      They could have done an interview with Jim and Chrissy and reunion show with the other women. Kimbella and Erica has issues to work out, and so does Kimbella and Emily. Yandy could have explained why she was in the middle of most fights.

      The show is Chrissy’s thing, and he signed on for her. So naturally he is going to have her back. He’s not choosing her over anyone, he still loves his family and friends, but family and friends have to respect boundaries. Your mom can’t be calling your girl names, and your manager can’t tell you what not to buy your girl. He shouldn’t wait until they’re married to start defending her, that should come with his love.

      I don’t know what more there could be to this story. Looks plain and simple to me. My husband knows I would go to bat for him, and I know he would do the same for me. If you ask me, Yandy has not proven to be a good friend/manager. I think this show captured her true colors, and I don’t blame Jimmy for taking his lady’s side.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, Everything that you said Ms,grapevine I agree. This is chrissy’s show, so Yandy really need to step back. I’m on chrissy’s side!!!!

  3. Mrs.. grapevine I applaud you. you are the only website that hasn’t acted as if they cant see. Yandy went to Mona Scott-Young’s house in an episode and called her “My mentor”. If Mona cared at all she would have made sure Yandy was covered in every situation so I sit side eyed at that part. 2nd. The fact Chrissy asked for them NOT to have yandy at that club and they brought Yandy and just beefed up security made me feel dirty as a viewer. Because she put them in the situation to create an issue. Showing the out takes of Chrissy screaming that she asked Mona for Yandy not to be there. Somaya put it out there, they stop following her because she decided she didn’t want to fight or seem foolish. They only liked her last season because she lived in an attic. The fact they tried to pressure Olivia to talk to her mom about hating her on live television. Which I’m sure is how they push Kimbella to talk to her mom. Mona I have to say I little respect for. She acts high and might as if she is for Black woman and does it on the edited backs of the women whose lives she helped to ruin. Its sad.

    as far as chrissy and Jim …it really disturbs me that women find issues with them. He loves her. He knows she is important. His mother has a hard time letting go. She probably was able to walk all over the other people that he dated and Chrissy was not so. That’s not choosing her over them its choosing yourself. As a grown man we always down the momma’s boys but then down the man that stands up to his mom for you? Which one is it? Yandy is his manager she is an employee. I don’t know what job you do but If I don’t give my bosses wife or husband the proper respect I would be out of a job. No one is going to ruin their home life over an employee. It doesn’t matter if you have been there for 30 years. Your have been there for 30 years because they pay you not because you love to help. If she didn’t want to respect chrissy then leave her alone. So many women had Yandy’s side on the show but in real life no one would come before them in their significant others lives and it be okay. No woman would be able to stand up and laugh at the cracks in their lives and it be okay. Maybe Chrissy is a hot head first to hit and that is a flaw. Fighting isn’t something that should happen that often. But what I noticed with Yandy is she does small things to provoke Chrissy and ends with I don’t want to fight. If they weren’t friends to begin with then why would you give her the book… you guys aren’t friends, then the dance, then the comments, the emails…. If I punch in your face and say I don’t want to fight will you say okay or punch me back?

    • @Elle,

      So at least I wasn’t the only one that noticed all of that. I agree Jim is suppose to stand by his woman who has been holding him down emotionally and physically for seven years. He knows Chrissy is loyal and will fight for him.

    • @Elle,

      What kind of manager gets on their client’s show to air their client’s dirt, to outshine their client and compete for their client’s money. That’s a conflict of interests.

  4. And why in HELL did Mona need to do that “Respect whateva’ show” instead of a reunion? It’s gotten just as hot on all the other reality shows and HOTTER,especially BAD GIRLS CLUB!! Mona just wanted to be on camera and in the spot light,little does she know that she will be as quickly FORGOTTEN as she wanted to be KNOWN. We DON’t want to KNOW you MONA!

  5. Though I still stand by the fact that she’s “pimpin” her cast. She just let them SEE exactly what her motives are and there IS no “Bottom Bytch”.

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