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Friday Funnies: Key & Peele & Obama Loses Their S**t

Friday! Always a relief to see this day and personally, I try to get in as many laughs and good times as I can.  Just to make up for working hard all week.  Speaking of, have any of your seen the new show Key & Peele on Comedy Central?  Comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are the latest to bring us a sketch comedy show, kind of taking up where The Chappelle Show left off. Sidenote: I DO miss that show. Dave, come back!

Key Peele Friday Funnies: Key & Peele & Obama Loses Their S**t

This comedic duo, formerly of Mad TV, have pretty much hit the Obama inpersonation on the head.  So much so that they decided to do a sketch that we ALL can appreciate: The Obama Translator sketch. Yes, they give us their take on what President Obama actually says versus what he actually means. *Young Jeezy voice* And I love it! First time I saw it I swear I cried with laughter. Check out the hilarious sketch and get your laughs in! Happy Friday!

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  1. I love Key & Peele!

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