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Dwayne Johnson Jokes And Sings On ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’

I have to admit. I, Ms. Toni, have a HUGE crush on Dwayne Johnson. Part of the reason I chose the picture below is because it looks like he’s pointing at me like “I want YOU”. And I’m like “OK!!!” But, I digress.  Dwayne was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, talking about his new movie Journey 2 and his life.

During the interview he recapped stories of when he once attacked a mascot for taunting his team when he was in college, what his mother actually did that made him put a red carpet appearance on hold minutes before he had to step out and he refers to his, uhh, “twins” as boulders. He also shows his other talent and breaks out into song. If this world were mine, I’d have him and President Obama record a song. For all the women of the world.  Check out his vocal abilities, when you continue…

See more clips here!

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