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I Don’t Understand The Beyonce HATE!!!

Yesterday when I saw new pics of Beyonce post-baby, I was so amazed at how beautiful she looked with her new motherhood curves, only to get on twitter and other popular message boards and have my moment ruined with so much negativity surrounding Beyonce’s pregnancy. There are still people out there that believe Beyonce faked her whole pregnancy, and I just can’t wrap my mind around their logic, considering they don’t have any concrete proof to make such allegations. Believing this mess, is just as crazy to me, as believing President Obama was born in Kenya to a teenage American mother traveling across the world nine months pregnant back in 1961. I guess it is…what it is, and  hopefully the Knowles, Carter, and Rowland families can drown out the noise of the baby-bumpers, to focus on what’s important, Blue Ivy.

I want to see more pictures of Beyonce post-baby like the one below, and I want to eventually see pictures of the beautiful Blue Ivy. The main people hating on the Knowles or the same people flocking to the internet to see more pics. *scratches head*

Beyonce Post Baby Black Sequin Dress Pic I Dont Understand The Beyonce HATE!!!

It seems like Beyonce has done everything right, and for some reason that’s so hard for people to love. I read an interesting article on Huffington Post by Rev Michael Water, about Jay-Z and Beyonce and how they have re-established the traditional family unit in the hip-hop culture. I’m scared that all of this negative baby-bumper talk is just another way to tear down the black family.  I understood the outrage with Alicia Keys and Fantasia because families were broken apart, but in this situation, Jay-Z and Beyonce are creating a family with both a mother and father together in matrimony, without cheating on or tearing apart another black family.  So why are you so mad?

Honestly, I hoped that my generation, the hip-hop generation (or Generation X), deeply scarred by the absence of their own fathers, would not repeat their fathers’ mistakes. Increasingly, I see my hopes dashed. As a pastor, I recently came to the grim recognition that of the last fifteen children that I have baptized, only four times was the father present to participate in the celebration of the sacrament. Of those fathers present, only one father was married to the woman with whom the child was conceived at the time of the baptism. And for me, it appears as if the trend of fatherless baptisms will continue in the near future.

Today, many families are “redefined” at the very point of conception as marriage is no longer considered a prerequisite towards beginning a family. I applaud Jay-Z and Beyonce for accomplishing what many in my generation have failed to do, breaking the cycle of absenteeism established by their parents’ generation. {Read the rest at Huffington Post}

Someone tell me please, where is this Beyonce hate coming form??? This can’t be a ploy to sell magazines, there has to be something more to this level of hatred.

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  1. Well Spoken!!!! 100% Agreed!!!

    • @BClemm,


      • @MrsGrapevine 2, I totally agree. Haters are just confused admirers who can’t understand why everyone loves you.

  2. I think people just angry. They hate Beyonce because is “too perfect” she cant be rich, respected, loved, married, talented. Thats too much. Its sad i would think Beyonce is who we would want to be. But no. Is there a Black woman that most Black women can agree to like that doesnt need a pity party?

    • @Elle, Why of course. There are plenty and you can start with the first lady of this country,Michelle Obama baby!!!
      Not just black women, KNOW she’s lying. I can’t believe you think that this many people are conspiring against a woman that we put where she is by buying her albums and going to her concerts. The ARROGANCE of it all.

      • @Kim,

        I’m glad you mentioned FLOTUS, because the right has been trying to destroy her image from the beginning, writing fake books, and trying to paint her as angry and mean, based off of nothing. There is so much HATE out there for the first family.

        The same thing people are doing to Beyonce and Jay-Z, based on far less.

        What proof do you have to make such slanderous allegations??? What proof?

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, I am a woman who has been pregnant. I know what it looks and feels like. There are too many unanswered questions about her pregnancy. The tummy buckle, the perforamce weeks before her announcement (after suffering a miscarriage), no pictures of her showing off her belly, no articles in black magazines about this ‘power couple.’ No real signs of pregnancy (nothing swollen, her never looking exhausted). WHAT! Where have you been for the past 7 months?

      • @Kim,

        We don’t even know when she suffered the miscarriage. The tummy buckle or the dress buckle??? So Alicia Keys was climbing pianos and rolling on the stage at 7 months. There are pics of her showing her belly. Black magazines would kill for an interview. She doesn’t often do interviews.

        I can see you don’t read my blog often because I posted pics of her looking swollen. Necole posted pics of looking tired and swollen So where have you been???

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, What proof do you have that she is not a liar? Is it because it would be slanderous to her character? I think its slanderous when people tell lies just because they have a fan base that loves them.

      • @Kim, When Beyonce was walking around with a belly and a waddle in her walk, people STILL said she was lying. Why people think Beyonce or any person who’s under such scrutiny everything for that matter would even lie about pregnancy…chile…

        And also as having experienced pregnancy, you should know as well that you can’t compare your own to another. There’s too many variables and we’re all different.

        But let’s say that she DID lie about. OK. So. *crickets* I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean for me and why I need to know this…*shrugs*

      • @Kim, Need more examples:
        Erica & Tina Campbell
        of Mary Mary
        Shanice & Flex Alexander
        Tamia & Grant Hill
        Boris Kodjoe & Nicole Ari Parker
        Shelden Williams & Candace Parker
        Jesse Jackson, Jr. & Sandi Jackson

        It’s Black History month. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

      • @Kim, well spoken and point taken straight to the bank!

  3. are*

  4. OMG this is my first time & I think I just feel in love w/ this site lol. I never understood why people hate Beyonce so much.I agree w/ this 100%

  5. I see Beyonce hate everywhere,but I don’t comment. Ms.Grapevine is the FIRST site owner that I know of that’s EVER asked why. Topics are usually posted and bloggers generally herd hate on Bey. WHAT has she EVER done to fans or ANYONE to deserve this?! No one has ever complained that she didn’t give them their concert tickets worth..she hasn’t badmouthed or hated on her group or competitors in the biz. She had a baby and was HATED all through her pregnancy. People are HATIN’ on her BABY which they have yet to see and her “Birtha’” papers.I never understood this to be anything other than hating on her positive character and the wealth that she HAS earned.They do the same with Oprah and ANY positive Black woman,even Michele.What I DO love is that their character and spirit WON’T allow them (no matter how frustrated they may get) to be baited into negative battles or responses to the haters in this world. I love you Bey!

  6. It’s not hate. It’s shock and disbelief that 2 people would go through such lengths to portray themselves as perfect when her fertility issues are what would have made her real. Beyonce & Jay Z are not the first traditional family unit so you need to stop believing the lies that the media and your precious Jay-Bey are spewing.

  7. There were plenty of opportunities for Beyonce to prove that she was pregnant. None of the Black Magazines touched the story because they are not on her payroll and were not going to sign on to her lies. Nia Long posed nude. Tia Mowry is having a tough time losing her weight and we can see it when we watch ‘The Game.’ Beyonce never had a hair out of place throughout her whole pregnancy. Look at Jennifer Garner, Jessica Simpson. You almost feel sorry for them because they look a little exhausted. But not Ms. B. I remember Destiny’s child back in the day and she has got the fat gene. whatever. She won’t get my $ for albums, fashions, nothing. I would rather support real people.

    • @Kim,

      Why would Beyonce prove she’s pregnant? She hasn’t even proven she’s married, yet. She hasn’t released not one picture of her wedding because she likes to keep private things private. We know she’s married because she has a marriage license, not because we’ve seen any wedding pictures. It took three years for her to even admit she was dating Jay-z, so what makes you think she’s going to release baby bump pictures.

      Why would she fake having a baby during the promotion of an album, and miss out on making money. We all know Beyonce is all about her money. She could have waited till she went on break and then had “faked” a baby, if that’s the case.

      Black magazine will touch whatever sells an issue. I guarantee you don’t KNOW what you’re talking about, and every black, white, and latino magazine in this world, have tried to get that exclusive.

      Nia Long and Tia Mowry have not done nearly as many magazine covers as Beyonce, and will take the publicity to help their careers. Not everyone is knocking at their doors constantly.

      Tia Mowry may have a million in the bank, Beyonce and Jay-Z have multi-millions. Beyonce can pay a team of people to spit shine her hair all THE day long.

      Not once, have you said anything that’s provides any proof that she lied or that she faked her pregnancy. I don’t think you have any.

      I don’t think you’re hater if you don’t believe she was pregnant, but if you’re calling her liars and all kinds of names based on a feeling then that’s not cool.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, Why would Mrs. Private announce her pregnany on the VMA’s and take away from all the winners that evening? Please answer this question before I move to my next point.

      • @Kim,

        To control her message before the tabloids do it, and make millions off of her.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, Either you are private or not. Pick one and be that. Now she’s concerned about someone making money off of her. please. You have got all the excuses in the world for that girl. Good thing she’s already married.

  8. I don’t have time to hate on Beyonce. I have a full and fullfilled life with my own family. I just know what pregnancy looks like and that was not it. Beyonce will take her lies to her grave so it really doesn’t matter.

    • @Kim,

      I know what pregnancy looks like, too, and a round face, weight gain, swollen ankles, fuller boobies, and a wider nose brim…looks like a pregnant woman to me. Since you haven’t seen her baby bump, you really don’t have any proof as to what her pregnancy looked like or didn’t look like.

      There must be some other information you know that we don’t know to be calling her a liar.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, That’s the same reason you can’t say she’s NOT a liar. Just because I am not praising her beauty, fame, and success does not mean that she’s not a liar, and that does not make me a bad person. It’s what I believe from what I have seen, also seeing everybody else in Hollywood have babies and what their transition looks like. Sorry but there are worse things I can call her and if you think celebrities don’t lie and that Beyonce has never lied, you are …well, I won’t say.

      • @Kim,

        No one said she hasn’t lied or doesn’t lie. I am not a Beyonce fan, so I can care less about the beauty and fame. There are a lot of people who had babies that we didn’t even know was pregnant like Kyla Pratt. Not every pregnancy is going to be the same.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, whatever. I can’t get into all of your lame examples. You are going to believe what you are going to believe and I am going to believe what I believe. Let’s just agree to disagree and keep it movin’.

  9. Poeple will hate you because you are what they fail to be or become.Mrs Grapevine i just shed a tear because Beyonce and Jay z never hurt anyone but i love the way the handle it.Even rumours of them being in some cult i never believed it from day one as i know some people or even fans of other music stars will do and say anything to damage Beyonce or Jay’s reputation.Haters are everywhere and i have also been hated on even someone on the street that you have never opened a word with they just look at you and feel angry because of maybe how you look,dress or carry yourself.Like i said”PEOPLE WILL HATE YOU FOR BEING WHAT THEY FAIL TO BE”

    • @,



  10. Why is it hate when you can see through all of her lies? I do not understand that. I do not hate Beyonce, and nor would I want to live her life. I just call it like I see it, she is a big liar and she got caught in it. That is so true what Kim had said, why didn’t any black magazine talk about her pregnancy? Why didn’t any quality shows talk about her pregnancy? I am not stupid and full of hate, I just know pregnancy when I see it. I am a medical professional, and as a matter of fact, I am in the profession that Beyonce needs to visit (a psychologist). Too many discrepancies for me to believe that she was pregnant. You fans are idiots, and need help.

    • @Intellectual being,

      How is she big a liar that’s what I don’t understand? How did she get caught? Why would black magazine talk about her pregnancy? How will that make it real of fake???

      I am a mother of two kids as matter of fact. I went through two pregnancies, and nothing you have said provides any proof that Beyonce was faking or that she is a liar. Not one lick of evidence.

      How does Beyonce have too many discrepancies, if she hasn’t been talking about it much? What the media and blogs report are always right or factual.

      I rather be an idiot that needs helps that’s actually had two children, than to call a woman every form of liar without any proof what’s so ever, other than what tabloids have made up.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, If there were proof, she wouldn’t be able to lie. What proof do you need (well aside from all of the things that have occurred)?

      • How did she get caught?? I believe the rumors started (or should I say, intensified) when her stomach folded during that Australian interview. What’s the explanation behind that?

  11. I, for one, do not hate Beyonce. However, this whole Baby conspiracy orginated from her. One week she is doing a concert in NY with a super flat stomach and the next week at MTV awards, she has a baby bump. Sorry baby bumps don’t grow that big in a week! Leading people to question the validity of the pregnancy. I know it’s hard to believe someone would go through such lengths to fake a pregnancy. But Marvin Gaye did the same thing with one of his wives. I believe she could not conceive so they concocted a fake pregancy so people would not question his manhood. Google the story. I don’t necessarily feel that she faked her pregnancy but anything is possible nowadays. Her baby bump also fluctuated througout her pregnancy. People also don’t like the fact of how Beyonce and her parents treated the former members of Destiny Child. Either you bowed down to Beyonce or your behind was out the group. The former members were very mistreated by Beyonce. You reap what you sow. The parents split up; Infidelity; Love Child; Beyonce and Matthew are estranged. Ok. Beyonce has a killer body but she bounced back from pregnancy real quick. A little too quick if you asked me. Even super thin models take some time to bounce back after giving birth. Then she titles herself KING BEY. Very Narcissistic. Where is the humility? Where are the semi-nude baby bump pics(not the one where she is sticking out her stomach showing her rib cage)? Where was the baby shower? There are many beautiful black singers and actresses that black people adore. They just see Beyonce as a narcissistic, self-centered woman with her actions. Plenty of black women have killer bodies. No one every questioned pregnancies from Madonna, Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry, Nia Long, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, etc. It started with the flat stomach one week, baby bump the next week..law of attraction. Regardless, it is her business. I’m just stating where I believe the root cause of hate for Beyonce is.

    • @Renee,

      I am not a Beyonce fan, but I agree that she’s a great entertainer and puts in a lot of work, but I only own one Beyonce album and that was her first solo album.

      So I am not arguing she is a great person for us to bow down to. I just want to know why people feel it’s OK to say mean things about the baby, call her liars and all kinds of dirty names, start rumors about her having breast implants, because they don’t believe she was pregnant, and accuse Jay & Bey of being in cults and naming the baby demon names. All that crap right there is too much, whether or not you like her.

      …But they questioned Tom Cruise and Katy. The even said the baby was an alien, and they were hiding the baby because it was so ugly. The media were mean to Tom and Katy to the point it was sickening. Suri is beautiful normal child.

      You can’t be this successful in this business without being ruthless, but none of that is PROOF of faking a pregnancy. I guess I don’t understand why people take it so personal.

      In Marvin Gaye’s time it was easier to fake things, this day and age, if Beyonce’s pregnancy was fake, believe me someone will catch it sooner or later.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,
        I totally agree with your response. If anything was fake, whatever is in the dark will come to light. I also feel it is cruel to say anything about an innocent child! Unfortunately, rumors, etc. come with the territory. I guess that is the ugly side of fame!

      • My response is above Mrs. Grapevine

    • Well said. I totally agree.

  12. there aren’t any discrepancies with beyonce, she doesn’t talk to us. Blog cites that clearly state that they are gossip sites talk to us. Why would beyonce tell you she had a miscarriage are you guys friends? You know what pregnancy looks like? WTF does that mean? Everything is different for everyone. You don’t like Kim Kardashian she tells you too much, the over sharer. You hate Beyonce for not telling you stories that would make her real … Breathing makes her real…… I cant with this.

  13. Beyonce doesn’t fell like she owes her fans anything when it comes to her private life and she is right about that. Unfortunately that includes her not owing people the truth.


    • @Kim,

      The truth about what! All she has said is that she is pregnant. Everything else comes from blogs and tabloids.

    • @Kim,

      “Beyonce doesn’t fell like she owes her fans anything when it comes to her private life and she is right about that.”

      The reason I am not a fan, but that doesn’t mean she faked a pregnancy. Find me the surrogate, post a DNA test, a birth certificate that says otherwise. Give me something other than questions and reasoning??? Until then, we will just have to wait and see. But I am not going to assume the worst first, or make her guilty before innocent. NOPE!

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, Are you serious? Beyonce is the biological mother not the birth mother. The baby has her DNA and Beyonce is on the birth certificate. That’s common sense. Kelsey Grammar’s ex Camille had a surrogate. She can tell you how it works. She was woman enough to be honest. No one would have known had she not told people. It’s a very confidential process – get real boo boo.

      • @Kim, If it’s confidential than how does everyone know that’s what she did that?

      • @Kim,

        LOL, you knew you messed up when you said, “she can tell you how it works.”

        Keywords,”she can tell you!” Beyonce ain’t said a word about a surrogate, nor has anyone in her camp. You have nothing behind these claims.

        Did you just write “boo boo”?

  14. I think that it is stupid and ignorant fpr people tp say that Beyonce wasn’t pregnant when the whole damn time she was showing. It seems like everyone wants to crictize Beyonce but no one has nothing tos ay about the other stars. Beyonce looks good after havind achild. Blu Ivy is augly ass name. I think Beyonce is crazy to name her daughter that. Beyonce is a good singer. Bwyonce cd sucks. I like her slow songs better.

  15. None of us know the real story behind these stars. We are only fed snippets of their lives on TV. Some people think it was a prosthetic belly, others don’t. Beyonce chose an industry where people lie to keep their careers alive. She doesn’t have a problem with the checks but she has a problem with people thinking that she might be lying? @Mrs Grapevine, If people are not calling you a naive airhead and die hard Beyonce fan for believing that she was pregnant, you shouldn’t be creating a blog calling those doubters ‘haters’ for saying that they think there is a possibility that her money has made her vain to the point where she would get a surrogate. It’s all theory. None of us knows the truth. Don’t take it personal. Take the bitter with the sweet. If I had her money, criticism would be like water running off a duck’s back. It would not phase me. Get a grip.

    • @Alice,

      I work in this industry, I know celebs will lie and leak stories and leave me and other blogs to deal with the fallout. I am not saying Beyonce is above that. All I am saying is that no one has in real evidence to back up these claims. Just because she lied before like anyone else, doesn’t mean everything thing she say or do is a lie.

      If you don’t believe her that’s cool, but calling her out her name, that’s not cool, and making it so personal. So what if she did, the best way to hurt her is not to make her the most talked about, it’s to stop buying anything she makes.

      Lastly, I speak out on anything that matters to me. That’s why I blog. I wanted to know why, and now I know.

      I’m not telling you to stop, or that you don’t have the right. I just don’t understand the mean-girl blog mentality in this issue.

      I love these debates, I don’t take it personally, unless you call me a name that God didn’t intend for me to be called by.

  16. I can recall back in the day when Beyonce first came out I was all for team Bey! However that was a long time ago and since then things have changed with her drastically as well as with my perception of her.

    My lack of respect for Beyonce comes due to her attitude of self entitlement; as if the “world” owes her something. We created this monster and I mean that in a literal sense. She pretends to be private when there’s absolutely nothing private about her. The world has seen her gyrate her private parts (as a married woman might I add) in front of camera after camera and crowd after crowd of millions all over the world. Yet something as natural as carrying and birthing a child is kept secret. Bull*hit! Is that why she announced it on MTV in front of millions of viewers because she wanted it to be kept a secret/private? Truth is I highly doubt she birthed a child, maybe stood in the room and witnessed her birth but birthed her….absolutely not.

    A mother knows and the look on her own mothers face shows no happiness like she did after the birth of Solange’s son. She looks biter and mad; not excited and busting at the seams with joy like she did with her grandson. Don’t believe me google the pics. I can’t speak for many but I’ve never in my life heard of a grandmother speechless when it came to expressing the appearances of their grandchild. She couldn’t even honestly say who the baby looked like and here we are a month later? Chile bye.

    Let’s not talk about Kelly and her inability to look at the interviewer when she was talking about the baby. She looked at the floor and kept her eyes shut while talking all the while faking a smile because even she is at odds with it all. SMDH

    Believe what you want everyone is entitled to their own beliefs…

    • @Lovely Lucy,

      I am not a body language expert, and I don’t know what I would do if a camera was all up in my face, and I was trying to enjoy a moment. Maybe she look mad, because she’s a protective mother, who has to deal with ignorance instead of enjoying her baby. Maybe she’s like most mothers and she’s tired, hormonal and frustrated. So many ways to explain all of those things other than the fact she faked a pregnancy.

      How do you know Tina Knowles was speechless??? She was not speechless she called the baby beautiful, and she was overjoyed. In fact the articles states that Tina Knowles was beaming and said that being a grandmother is “amazing” and “the second best job ever.”

      This is exactly what I am talking about. Where is this coming from? This is an example of people making up stuff, and others reading and repeating it. Read the original article, Tina was very proud.

  17. New to the site and here’s my two cents. I like Beyonce. I like her old music. I’m not a mother, a medical professional, and I am not in Beyonce’s well fortified camp. I think we have two kinds of people on this subject. Folks that just hate to hate and folks that see something askew and give it the side eye (Ms. Kim). I’m definitely in the second group with Kim. Look, I know it’s not my business to police Beyonce’s uterus, but I am skeptical that she was pregnant. My skepticism came from the Australian interview. I’ve never seen a baby bump move downward, shift, and flatten. I don’t believe that it was the extra fabric because that dress was pretty form fitting, which is her MO of dress. I’ve also never seen a lady five months pregnant bend and fold her body as she did to sit on a chair. Pregnant women that I have seen lean that far along bend backward because their centers of gravity have moved and their wombs are hinderances to that folding motion. Also, she braced her descent with one hand, which is odd for a pregnant lady to do as their weight has increased. It would cause strain on that one hand and just leave her awkwardly imbalanced, I would think.

    Beyonce doesn’t owe any of us anything, and she certainly ain’t checking for my opinion. But I have one. I think she did use a surrogate for her own personal reasons and didn’t want those reasons public. We don’t know her medical history; maybe she had trouble getting pregnant. And if she did pretend, maybe it was a way for her to experience being pregnant in her own way. I don’t know, and really don’t care either way. I’m just glad the baby, brought into a two parent home, is healthy and happy. however Just my two cents. Like it or hate it.

  18. Sup there admin, I clearly needed to leave a immediate mention to firmly express that I valued your specific story. Thanks!

  19. Jessie Jackson Jr cheated on his wife i would use him as an example

  20. I just don’t like devil worshippers. She is a pyramid illuminate demon. I don’t believe in what she believes in. She has sold her soul. Her and her alter ego will burn. That’s when she lost me.

  21. People are just really tired of her because other artists that are way more talented are not showcased.I know for myself I am tired of seeing her with all of her over singing and I am sick of Rihanna who just really shouldn’t be on anyon’e stage.

    Beyonce is very dense always has been.She comes off as desperate and I actually used to like her and was even considered to be a “Bey stan” but her music has no substance and neither does she because either she’s screaming about something stupid or she is bragging again on that ugly ex-drug dealing hubby of hers.

    She really just need to go away and gives the masses a damn break from her…

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